Of all the Asian horror movies I watched last summer it was “Coming Soon” that really raised the hairs behind my spine. Making me nervous about watching a horror movie in theaters and using the elevator from time to time. Now from the writer of Shutter and the director of Coming Soon, Sophon Sakdapisit, comes another of his thai horror masterpiece entitled “Ladda Land“.

Ladda Land movie, just by basing on its trailer would really give you quite a few shivers at night. But the story itself would just remind you about a haunted subdivision around your town, your skeptical Dad who will nag around and see you as a nutshell for believing in ghosts and wait until someone dies. It sounds quite generic for a horror film but the cinematography and the horror sequences in the trailer are so eerie that I can’t wait for a dvd release.

Anyway, Laddaland (ลัดดาแลนด์, a.k.a. The Lost Home) movie is starring Saharat Sangkapreecha, Piyathida Woramusik, Sutadta Udomsil and Atipit Chutiwatkajornchai. I’m not sure if you know any of them but because the names of thai people are hard to remember for their “uniqueness” – in fact the only thai I know is Mario Maurer and I’m not even sure if it’s his real name.lol

Below is the movie poster of Ladda land, it’s synopsis and international trailer!

ladda land movie

Synopsis: There is an urban legend about a village where screams and shrieks fill the night. Mass murders are taking place and no matter how much the residents pray, it seems like nothing can save them. The death toll continues and the residents are fleeing from this place. This cursed place is called “Laddaland”.

Watch Laddaland Movie Trailer Online!

I hope we’ll have a lot of horror movies this year in the Philippines! Horror and Horror Comedy movies became a trend in Thailand already!