So Today, I’ll start my Movie Ideas Project! This will be posted under a new category I’ll name “Movie Ideas by!”. Here I will be writing a not-so movie plot outlines of the stories I made out of the blue.To avoid any future problems, I won’t be telling the twist and some turns of the story – and most especially the ending.Idea snatchers are just around somewhere you know? Well, not unless you’d drop a comment below and start a discussion with me.

The idea of doing a Movie IDEAS Project is basically to just share my ideas.Tell people around what’s inside my mind.The project is also, at some point, triggered by mutterings after watching a film – “Hey, the story could have been better! They should come up with a better ending! I know just how to end this superbly.” You know?  Things like that. I also feel like showing off my creativity and talent by telling you stories which you MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF.

And to start. . here’s my first official Movie Idea. . read on!

my 4 heroes movie

Title: My Four Heroes

Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Action/Adventure

Starring: Toni Gonzaga, Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford and John Lloyd Cruz.



A devil-may-care princess, Sophia (Toni G.) was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer Ruckus to avenge the loss of his wife and son which he blamed to King Hernan. The Princess was taken in the dark parts of Woodland. A forbidden place full of deadly creatures where the Sorcerer’s lair lies. The king was then given a week to surrender his kingdom or the Princess will die. So the King called out for an immediate search and rescue to his soldiers. Unfortunately with the power the sorcerer has only few came back alive. The King was then convinced that only people with extraordinary powers can save the princess.But he knew no one.So he decided to challenge every man on his kingdom to save the princess and he who can save the princess from the evil sorcerer shall marry his daughter.

(I know it sounds just like a generic fairytale but please continue reading. .Hehe)

Two prince’s Hans and Ed (Billy C. & Luis M.) from two other rival kingdoms have shown their interest of saving the Princess of Soraya.Having the same goal, these two have decided to become each other’s company for once.Along their way, they encountered a hairy beast summoned by the sorcerer – there was running and chasing until a magical creature, a nature spirit ( an Engkanto – Kid (Vhong) ) appeared and save their lives. He was just aimlessly walking alone in the woods when the two mortals went running off their asses. Kid is a hopeless romantic Engkanto who ran away from  home to escape from being married and got lost in the woods. Like mortals he believes in destiny, and learning from the two human beings that a Princess is to be saved – he readies himself on a mission out of love.

Meanwhile, in the dark underground cave the Princess manages to escape. It angered the sorcerer and so he summoned all egregious Philippine mystical monsters like Aswang, Mananangal, Sigbin and some other random monster to search for the Princess and kill anyone who gets on the way. He then realized that he doesn’t really need the kingdom to avenge his loss – but he was convinced that all he need is just to make King Hernan’s life miserable like his life. So in return he asked the Mananangals to kidnap the king while plotting the tragic end of a story.

In the depths of the woods, is again, a stunning escape scene.An aswang and a mananangal chasing the Princess in unbelievable speed. But with the kick-ass princess that she is, she was able to lure the two beast and they ended up hurting each other while the Princess finally is out of danger. Until she saw a ragged man who seems to be living in the woods. The mysterious man was picking up woods when he saw the intense action scene right before his eyes. And when the coast was clear, he saw the beauty of the Lost Princess who tried to grab his attention but suddenly passes out.

It was night time then, everything seemed so quiet in the woods, there were occasional hoots from forest owls and hisses from snakes and some other animal noises. Ed and Hans were just about to sleep when Kid started practicing his magical powers.The two got stunned by what Kid could do so they kept asking for more.Later on, Kid overdoes his magic making the three of them teleport.The next thing they knew, they fell from a tree. A few steps away from where they were is a hut where an old Shaman lives. Hans and Ed were treated inside but Kid chose to be invincible. The shaman however sensed the nature spirit. The shaman has a great granddaughter, who’s a beautiful young lady whom Hans had a crush on. Nevertheless, the three of them were still eager to save the princess that they asked for ways on how to defeat a sorcerer.

The shaman then revealed that the only way to defeat a sorcerer to become a sorcerer. A sorcerer can summon any beast, cast spells and curses. – that’s what makes him powerful. He’s almost impossible to catch because his powers enables him to become translucent and intangible. But legend has it that anyone who possesses the cursed dagger could kill anyone. The dagger is said to be in the hands of the forest spirit. A monster spirit who shows itself as a beautiful lady, cunningly seduces  any man who sees it and then feeds on it.When the 3 were to leave by morning, Felissa the Shaman’s great grand daughter guided them on the entrance way to the most dangerous part of Woodland. And finally, in the end of the haunted forest came out a beautiful woman. A goddess who put Hans, Ed and Kid on a test they have to pass.

Staring on the princess inside a big hollow tree which served as a temporary shelter, the mysterious man felt nostalgic about the Princess. A feeling which recovered some memories from his childhood. A flash back of a young girl which gave him food in the woods. When the princess woke up, they talked about things like how and why both of them where in the woods. The Princess told him everything but the mysterious man knew nothing of himself – even his name. Afraid that she might fall into trap, that the mystery man was a fraud, the Princess then made an agreement with the man that she will kill him if he’d do something bad. With his hands tied, the man agrees to accompany her out of the woods.Along their way, they went through some romantic bond and misadventures until their paths crossed with Hans, Ed and Kid.

And a love chaos happened, making them fight against each other.  Some little details about their characters were revealed – Ed was Sophia’s ex lover and expressed his love by going to the woods to save her – he asked for forgiveness and another chance. But Hans, revealed to be Sophia’s childhood friend was also asking for a chance, even the nature spirit “Kid” expressed his intentions but the mysterious stranger had not been able to express his love because of insecurity, anonymity, sudden pain in his heart and he vanished. Pressured by the love turmoil, to be fair, Sophia was forced to give them a condition. . .but even before she was able to say what it was, they were chased by Aswangs.

Meanwhile, the Sorcerer kept an eye on them. The chase was to simply lead the group to the center of the woods. A wide circular empty area. The place was a bit misty and the ground was full of cracks.In the center of the woods –  awaits an ambush.Then came the final battle between Princess Sophia, Kid the Nature Spirit, Prince Hans, Prince Ed and the sorcerer. The tragic near end – the time when the sorcerer summoned a gigantic ground beast.

The sorcerer showed up with King Hernan tied upside down. From there the King witnessed, a scene full of action, destruction, gore and pain – They all got hurt, one sacrificed and most importantly the Mysterious man’s identity was revealed.The Princess then told them the condition – that they all have to live so she could choose who she’ll marry, but what fate awaits each of the characters with the danger that lies just in front of them?

I know right the plot seems too long that I almost wrote the whole story.Haha! Anyway, with that kind of story given the film sounds impossible for a Filipino movie (as of today).My imagination is so ambitious that while narrating the outline it comes with astounding Hollywood CGI’s for the setting (Kingdoms, forest, etc), monsters and spirits.And cool special fx for the action sequences! 🙂

The story is almost complete but I haven’t really written it yet.In the end, there was a flash back that happened through the eyes of the Mysterious man – Revealing his true identity. It’s also revealed that King Hernan was once a sorcerer but he gave up all his powers to cast one powerful spell. Ruckus’ life was about to end when his wife interfered and was accidentally hit by the spell which killed her. But the spell bounced into different directions, hitting also Ruckus’ only son who saw everything.

In case you’re interested of adapting my works into movies, learn the twist and turns of this story,  just simply contact me via this email: or drop by a comment below.Char! Pasensya, assuming lang.