Like a Pungsan Dog wandering around the borders of North Korea, is a mysterious young man only identified by his special brand of cigarette – Phungsan Dog “Poongsan”.Thus, the movie title came from.

poonsan movie
The korean movie Poongsan will revolve around a young man with the eyes of an innocent child – Poongsan (Yoon Kye-sang) .He crosses over North and South Korea to deliver the pain and longings of separation. One day, by a secret request by the South Korean government agents he sneaks into North to bring over In-oak (Kim Gyu-ri), the lover of a high-ranking North Korean defector.

On their way to South Korea, they fall for each other while experiencing life-and-death situations together several times. However upon their arrival, they’re welcomed by agents who capture and torture Poongsan while In-oak gets disappointed with her old lover who has changed so much over the past years.

Starring Yoon Kye-sang, Kim Gyoo-ri-I and Kim Yoon-tae. From the director who brought us 3-iron and the top prize winner of Un Certain Regard category in CANNES  “Arirang”, Kim Ki-duk, comes up with another unique story of love. Only that, this time director Kim Ki-duk will only be in charge with the might of his pen because the directional talent would come from Jun Jae-Hong.

The movie seems to be, well very interesting, with a story cloaked with love, politics and uncertainty of making decisions in life I believe Poongsan movie will do great.

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Poonsan movie will hit theaters on June 23, 2011!