Regal’s official entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival will include again, the longest running horror film franchise in the Philippines in “Shake Rattle and Roll 13“.The 13th and final installment of Shake Rattle and Roll movies as reportedly confirmed by Roselle Monteverde.

It’s too early to actually write about the film since there still isn’t a whole lot of information surrounding the upcoming horror movie. But I might come up with a “Movie Idea” suggestion for this horror franchise. Even so, stories for Shake Rattle and Roll 13 might be on its final draft since Regal have already announced the three directors who shall end the series. The three directors are Richard Somes (Yanggaw), Chris Martinez (Temptation Island) and Jerrold Tarog (SRR 12 – Punerarya).

Many so acclaimed “titles and synopsis” have actually sprung up online about Shake Rattle and Roll 13. If you try to search about it on Wikipedia, more often than not you are likely to believe that Regal has released information about the stories that will revolve around SRR XIII movie. So I’d like to stress out that nothing’s official for the stories yet as well as the cast.

But still, if you want to indulge your imagination on reading short “unofficial” synopsis for Shake Rattle and Roll 13 then you can go visit the Wikipedia page of Shake Rattle and Roll, scroll down and have a good laugh on the synopsis written by a

Anyway, it won’t take long before I’d write another one of my “movie idea project” and this time it’ll be about 3 tale of terrors which I’ve once told to my cousins.They said, it sounds like Shake Rattle and Roll movie, only quite stretched. :p

I’m not saying my stories are “great” but I can confidently say it’s way better than the stories of some Filipino horror movies that has been released!

Update: Since the 8 2011 MMFF Movie Entries has been released then the official plot/synopsis of the Shake Rattle and Roll 13 will be revealed soon!