Yam Laranas is finally ready to make a big comeback in the Asian horror movie scene with his upcoming horror movie “The Road“.After his movie “Sigaw”(2004) has been adapted into a Hollywood movie, and Patient X (2009) garnering good reviews from film critics – Yam Laranas’ The Road is definitely an asian horror movie every Asian horror movie enthusiasts’ been waiting for.

The Road is going to be a classic ghost story reportedly billing Carmina Villarroel, Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad, and Wendell Ramos in the lead. This is Wendell Ramos’ last movie for GMA Films since he already switched stations and have completed a Star Cinema comedy film. Also included in the cast are tween stars Barbie Forteza, Lexi Fernandez, Derrick Monasterio, Alden Richards, Louise Delos Reyes, and Renz Valerio.

The Road

Here they go again! Although the names above  are not official  I believe it’s a not so good set of cast.However, I’m excited to see Carmina Villarroel back on the big screen as well as Rhian Ramos. The rest . . .hmm…let me just think it over. I believe the tweeners will have a movie of their own so why star them on a horror film? Actually that just answered it – you wanna see them bloodied right? What is a movie without anyone getting killed, I think they’re on for that once casted in this film.lol.

The Road is actually just a tentative title for the movie since no official details has been announced.Well, a teaser trailer and a teaser poster has already been posted on Direk Yam’s blog with the words “Nobody Leaves the Road. . .”, then “Nobody Leaves“.So we may expect the term “Nobody Leaves” to be thought as a title for the film as well.

Also terms such as “dead. end. stay. forever. dead.” are present on his blog post that the movie already sounds very tragic.But how far will “The Roads” story go?

With a story that requires night sequences, Yam stated on his blog, that he will be using his new RED ONE MYSTERIUM X Camera for his next feature film. With that I’m quite sure the cinematography’s going to be superb. I’d like to suggest though that Yam should introduce some new angles on this horror film.

Having watched different asian horror movies with mostly the same camera angles on scary sequences , I’m craving to see something visually stunning for a horror film.Shooting of the film will start this June!

Watch the viral teaser trailer below:

Watch The Road Teaser Trailer Now!