The Filipino movie website “” has been down for quite some time now.For those who doesn’t know, it’s a video website archiving lots of free tagalog movies online. I’ve been quite of a viewer of the site and noticed that it really had huge traffic then. Quite so suddenly, I felt terribly bad when something happened to the site.

It went down and I’m not quite sure when it’s going back or will it be back for more tagalog “movie” uploads. For us Bloggers and Web administrators blogging about/or just by sharing movies and entertainment news is really hard. It’s hard to cope up with and be in good terms with the TOS’ of our ad networks, most especially with the getting stricter Google.

Movies shared online, as we all know is just like doing online piracy. Even though these sites live up by “sharing” pinoy movies for our OFW’s, we can’t deny the fact that what they’re doing is still piracy. Copyrighted videos will get caught and it will get you into a more serious trouble. Getting either banned or Ad serving disabled is perhaps the most tragic thing that would happen to any website administrator online. And some times if found out by the Government, you’ll get seized for it.

I think the downfall started when the admin got disabled on his revenue network ad (Just like how we used to before – even so, we were able to have it back.Thank God!). If we have the same case here, the wrong move about “”, is by sharing c@mr1p versions of the movies that have leaked online. Not that I have done it before but I noticed similar sites which had ad serving enabled before and now its gone.

Although I’m not sure if there happened to be a site which sprung up as an alternative to or if it’s just a server maintenance, the thing is I know it’s not going to be here forever.For the meantime, you can watch movies online at

A start up pinoy movie site which is owned by a (now) friend. ;-p

Well, they actually started as one of our advertisers – and still, in a way through this, they’re getting advertised. This is not a paid post though, but if they’re generous enough why not? lol. Just kidding, to be honest I just want to share it since the site made me be able to watch the sensational In the Name of Love film.

Anyhow, with the large collection of Filipino films, has – Hopefully they’ll get up to do the best they can!