SM provided a data which determined the top 10 Filipino movies of 2010. The movies are ranked by their gross profit, therefore, this list will be about the Top 10 highest grossing local films screened in all SM Cinema branches in 2010. Below is the list! 

10. You To Me Are Everything

Directed by Mark A. Reyes

Produced by Roselle Monteverde-Teo Jose Mari Abacan

Written by Aloy Adlawan

Starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

Cinematography Jay Linao

Distributed by Regal Entertainment GMA Films

Release date(s) 5 May 2010

Gross revenue P 100 Million

Plot:  Raphael – a rich guy whose luck suddenly turned upside down after losing everything, needed to get his life back on track when he met Iska – the instant-rich girl from the province of Benguet where she was found to be the only heiress to the famous and elite Carantes clan. Raphael becomes her business advisor and uses her only to find out that she’ll change him more than he expected.

hating kapatid movie9. Hating Kapatid

Directed by Wenn V. Deramas

Starring: Judy Ann Santos, Sarah Geronimo, JC de Vera, Gina Pareno, Luis Manzano and Vice Ganda

Distributed by Viva Films

Release date(s) July 21, 2010

Gross revenue ₱82 million

Plot: In this comedy, Judy Ann stars as Maria Rica and Sarah is Maria Cecilia, daughters of public school teachers turned OFW. Left in the care of their Lola Gerty (Gina Pareño), Rica and Cecilia grow up in Bocaue, Bulacan, where they help look after the family’s firecracker business. The two girls are inseparable. Rica takes her role as the big sister seriously, to the point of breaking up with her boyfriend, Bong (JC DeVera), and vowing to devote her life taking care of Cecil when the latter is hurt in a minor accident.Ten years come to pass and their parents return home. The family moves to Manila. Rica, though an Accounting Major graduate, chooses to sell jewelry instead of getting a professional job. Cecil, on the other hand, works as a sales clerk in a video store and a promodizer of magic sing. She meets Edsel (Luis Manzano), an insurance sales agent. Rica, sensing that the two are attracted to each other tries hard to keep them apart. Cecil, wanting to make Rica happy, tracks down Bong, but the result is the exact opposite. Rica feels betrayed, especially when she learns that her baby sister is already in a relationship. She ups and leaves. Now it’s Cecil who has to find a way to fix this.


Babe I love you8. Babe, I Love You

Directed by: Mae Cruz

Starring: Anne Curtis and Sam Milby

Distributed by: Star Cinema & VIVA Films

Release date(s): April 3, 2010

Gross revenue: ₱96 million (as of May 2, 2010)

Plot: In the academe, Nicolas “Nico” Veneracion Borromeo is a highly-esteemed History of Architecture professor who is on his way to becoming the next Vice Dean of the Department. He knows that achieving this would finally make his mother proud of him and forgive him for indirectly causing his father’s death.

And yet, when he meets an unconventional girl named Sandra “Sasa” Sanchez, his world turns upside down. He never thought that he could fall in love with someone who works as a promo-girl and is obviously unacceptable in his life.

Paano Na Kaya Movie7. Paano Na Kaya

Director: Ruel S. Bayani

Writers: Henry Quitain, Kriz G. Gazmen,Ralph Jacinto Quiblat & Camille Andrea Mangampat (story and screenplay)

Stars: Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Melissa Ricks, Robi Domingo, Rio Locsin, Ricky Davao, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Rica Peralejo

Cinematography: Ramoncito Redoble

Distributed by: Star Cinema

Release date(s): January 27, 2010 (Philippines) | February 4, 2010 (United States)

Gross revenue: ₱81.02 Million (as of February 14, 2010)

PlotMae (Kim Chiu) has always been in love with her best friend, Bogs (Gerald Anderson). Bogs, on the other hand, is madly in love with his girlfriend, Anna (Melissa Ricks). Mae is a very good best friend, but this doesn’t make her a very good prospective girlfriend for Bogs. Bogs never saw Mae in a romantic light. She goes through college witnessing her best friend’s relationship blossom, and she has no choice but to keep loving Bogs in silence.

tanging ina mo6. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na To!)

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Ai-Ai de las Alas, Marvin Agustin, Nikki Valdez, Carlo Aquino, Alwyn Uytingco, Shaina Magdayao, Serena Dalrymple, Jiro Manio, Eugene Domingo, Cherry Pie Picache and Xyriel Manabat

Director: Wenn V. Deramas

Produced by Star Cinema

Plot: Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To! Tells Of The Wacky Yet Very Emotive Story Of How The World’s Most Renowned Mother Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) Spends The Remaining Days Of Her Life With Her Best Friend Rowena (Eugene Domingo) & Her Children Now That She Is Dying. When She Learns That Everyone Is Facing Respective Uncontrollable Problems, She Embarks On A Journey Of Involving Herself To Their Lives And Does Everything To Help Them – Only To Realize In The End, As Every Situation Gets Worse, She Has No Other Option To Help Them But To Face The Truth That She Is Dying And To Finally Let Them Go.

agimat enteng kabisote5. Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote

Genre: Action-Fantasy

Cast: Vic Sotto, Bong Revilla, Gwen Zamora, Sam Pinto, Amy Perez, Bing Loyzada, Aiza Seguerra, Oyo Sotto, Barbie Forteza, Joshua Dionisio, Jhake Vargas, Mikylla Ramirez and Ruby Rodriguez.

Director: Tony Reyes

Produced by GMA Films, APT Entertainment, Octo-Arts Films, M-Zet Productions and Imus Productions

Plot: After chasing a monster from his realm, Agimat (Bong Revilla) ends up in Engkantasya where he encounters Enteng Kabisote. They later teamed up to chase the same monster which escaped to the human world (Enteng Kabisote’s world) to avoid the chaos that the monster might cause to the humans. Enteng Kabisote series’ main villain Satanna has once again resurfaced to revive another diabolic villain from the world of Agimat. The two villains then abducted the loved ones of Agimat and Enteng to make them fight each other.

4. Petrang Kabayo
petrang kabayo
Director: Wenn V. Deramas

Writers: Pablo S. Gomez

Starring: Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano, Gloria Romero, Sam Pinto, Candy Pangilinan, Abby Bautista, Eugene Domingo and Tom Rodriguez

Release Date: October 13, 2010

Plot: Peter is a boy who is always maltreated by his father because of his homosexuality. He decided to runaway and found out that he is a horseback owner. But, he becomes a mean horse owner. Because of that, he was given a curse that transformed him to a horse. When he gets angry, said something or do anything bad to others, he will be transformed into a horse.

Working Girls Movie 20103. Here Comes the Bride

Directed by Chris Martinez

Written by Chris Martinez

Starring: Eugene Domingo, Angelica Panganiban, John Lapus, Tuesday Vargas, Jaime Fabregas and Tom Rodriguez

Distributed by: Star Cinema, OctoArts Films, and Quantum Films

Release date(s): May 12, 2010

Gross revenue: P117 Million (6th Week)

Plot: Here Comes the Bride tells the story of five different people who get their souls switched in the middle of a wedding preparation on a solar eclipse. Stefanie’s (the bride) soul gets into the body of the snobby Precy, whose soul gets into the yaya, Medelyn, whose soul switches with Bien, the grandfather, whose soul enters the gay beautician’s body, Toffee, whose soul enters Stefanie’s body. The problem is the souls are happy where they are except for the bride, whose wedding is coming. She now has to find a way to get into their own bodies.

miss you like crazy2. Miss You Like Crazy

DirectorCathy Garcia-Molina

Starring: John Lloyd Cruz Bea Alonzo

Cinematography: Manuel Teehankee Editing by Marya Ignacio

Distributed by: Star Cinema

Release date(s): February 24, 2010

Gross revenue: ₱143.25 Million

Plot: Everything is falling into place for Alan Alvarez (John Lloyd Cruz). With an impending high ranking promotion and four years of stable releationship with his dream girl, Daphne Recto (Maricar Reyes), he is the cusp of getting everything he’s always wanted. Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) is getting tired of her forlon life.She is back in Manila for the holidays after working hard for two years as a front desk officer in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. With the hopes of getting the chance to finally have a break, her family gets into another crisis that leaves her hopeless and fated.

Two individuals with seemingly predestined lives suddenly find their paths crossing on a ferry boat ride that will change the course of their journeys forever.

Fate and faith, and time and timing are two of the themes discussed in the film. And yes, the idea of a whirlwind romance. Could you really fall in love with a stranger in a matter of days? And should that prove to be real, can your love withstand time and distance? Can that love survive the reality heartbreak brought about by history and an innate sense of responsibility and decency?

My Amnesia Girl Movie 1. My Amnesia Girl

Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina

Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga

Distributed by Star Cinema

Release date(s) November 24, 2010

Gross revenue ₱ 215.12 million

Plot: When Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) finds himself surrounded by friends who are beginning to settle down, he is faced with the possibility of finding his true love. It all boils down to one name: Irene. It must be fate then, when he once again sees Irene (Toni Gonzaga), his ex-girlfriend from three years ago with whom he had the best memories with. Apollo and Irene were a perfect couple, and were engaged to be married. It all ended at the altar when Apollo had a bout of cold feet and left Irene alone in the aisle. Now, Irene pretends to have no recollection of Apollo, having acquired “amnesia” shortly after their separation. Apollo sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Irene again, and be able to undo all the mistakes he made in the past, by offering Irene the best memories she could ever have. True love is difficult to resist, they learn. Just when they find themselves ready to commit to each other, the pains from the past catch up with them, challenging them to finally own up to the mistakes made and lies said, and eventually realize what it is to forgive and forget.

This list lead to John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga being honored as SM Cinema’s Box-Office King and Queen! In fact, a ceremony was held at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage to recognize the success of their movie!