What?? This surprised the hell out of me. How lucky can someone who just won from a talent search could be!? A Star Cinema movie pairing up  Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin (who recently had a fist-fight with Matteo Guidicelli)? Like seriously, did they even think about it?

Come on guys, while I strongly believe that Angeline Quinto is such a talented singer and that she can easily develop chemistry with Coco but for her to have an acting debut in the big screen is like so premature. Wouldn’t you agree with me on that? I know Angeline Quinto fans would have something to say about what the hell I am saying but to hell with you, I had to say that their movie is gonna flop!

Reports says the movie which is entitled “You Light Up My Life” have started shooting already. A very unpleasant surprise indeed! It would have been great to know that Coco Martin will have to start shooting his movie with Maja Salvador and Ms. Judy Ann Santos which is entitled “Love Will Lead You Back“. Even though I was doubtful of it at first, I’d rather watch the Cocojam (Coco Martin and Maja Salvador) love team than with the Coline (Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto).

While writing this, I know Star Cinema are currently working with MMFF 2011 films like Segunda Mano and Enteng Ng Ina Mo. Also with No Other Woman, Catch Me I’m in love Part 2 and I Honestly love You.

The aforementioned movies are those which I’m looking forward to except maybe with Enteng Ng Ina Mo and You Light Up My Life. Since the movie’s title is based from a song, I think it’s going to follow up Sarah Geronimo’s kind of movies. Gawd! A Light romantic comedy with perhaps, a touch of music?

Well, let’s see how things will work out for the Coco and Angeline movie. Are you excited about this movie or as skeptical as I am?