Better be ready this coming December 25, 2011 for Regal Films is yet to present, hopefully, the best among the series of the acclaimed phenomenal Filipino horror movies – Shake Rattle and Roll 13. According to early reports, Shake Rattle and Roll XIII is said to be the last installment of Regal’s Filipino horror film series.

But fortunately, during the contract signing of Victor Silayan in Regal, Mother Lily denied all rumors saying it’s the end of the Shake Rattle and Roll franchise.

In an update to what we have previously written about Shake Rattle and Roll 13, the plot synopsis for the episodes still hasn’t been rolled out yet but the cast of Shake Rattle and Roll 13 then we have news for you.

Eugene Domingo! Yes, the one and only, the most bankable actress of today, the one who could kill you in laughter and she who in a way will represent the country in the 84th OSCARS  Academy Award is going to topbill the 13th installment of Shake Rattle and Roll. Joining her are Paulo Avelino, Albie Casino, Maricar Reyes, Hiro Magalona, Kathryn Bernardo and Mart Escudero (Zombadings).

Chris Martinez, the writer/director of many new great films (Temptation Island/Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank) will direct Eugene Domingo’s episode which will deal about drowning. In fact the episode is entitled “Lunod” which means (drowned/death by drowning).

shake rattle and roll 13

I really like that fact that in Lunod, they will use water as the source of the scares. Like, I’ve written some scripts and screenplay that deals with water and I must say aquaphobia is one of the most common phobia’s Filipino have. I wonder though if Chris Martinez will make this film a horror comedy since he’s attack on comedies are pretty clever.

The two other episodes are entitled  Tamawo and Parola, directed by Richard Somes and Jerrold Tarog respectively. Well, I don’t really know what a Tamawo is but based on what’s been posted to the internet,  according to legend they are kind of humanoid creatures of supreme powers, light-skinned, most of whom live in trees where they maintain huge (but invisible to the naked eye) kingdoms of fabulous riches, fantastic realms into which they tempt people they have fallen in love with to enter and leave the human world forever.(see)

Parola on the other hand means lighthouse which actually sounds interesting yet I couldn’t think of any known horror story about lighthouses in the Philippines. It is directed by Jerrold Tarog which makes this episode even more interesting! 🙂

I hope, this will be the best Shake Rattle and Roll movie!