Star Cinema is getting obvious on counteracting with other movie outfits! Like Tween Academy Class of 2012 VS their Way Back Home, Zombadings VS Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi and now Regal Films’ My Neighbor’s Wife VS Star Cinema’s No Other Woman. While it’s saddening to see this kind of scenario in Philippine cinema we can’t really do anything about it.

Now what’s up with the LARGEST MOVIE OUTFIT IN THE COUNTRY that they are deliberately doing this!? To be honest I’m not quite certain about that. But there are a lot of theories about this competition which is apparently going on in the Philippine cinema right now. These movies may not have the same play date, (for they might intend to push it on an earlier or later date) – still there’s a Star Cinema movie of which has either the same “cast”,”age group of stars”, “genre” and “theme” in it that would stand up against these films.

Even on TV spot trailers they’re becoming obvious like when a second’s teaser of another outfit’s film was aired on TV, it was then followed by a trailer of their movie. And I was like “Huh?? Okay that was mean.” Well these are just observations and I don’t know if the intention there is to spice up the local box office race? Maybe, to motivate their enemies!?  To aggravate other film outfits, or maybe to bombard the Philippine cinema with their movies!? Obviously there are monetary concerns within this matter but can you tell me what exactly is going on or I already knew?  Oh, are they afraid or something?

There is however, a positive side effect to this competition between movie outfits. Like since the start of the year, Star Cinema has been producing and distributing movies after movies. In fact, they’re able to release a film at least once a month. That’s good, so that other countries and other people would think our movie industry is getting bigger and better – that the Philippine cinema is alive and kicking. I just don’t want it to come to a point that because they’re eager to “earn” (commercially and critically) would make them create not-so-good movies in the future.

Also, if other outfits would take this as a challenge then we might expect more Filipino movies to grace theatres nationwide.

It may sound like a healthy competition in one respect but just wait for the coming months and you’ll definitely get confused which movie to watch (first)!  Just like next month, October, three movie outfits might just clash!

Is it Regal Films “ASWANG”? GMA Films “The Road” or Star Cinema’s “CORAZON: Alamat ng Unang Aswang”?

While this month, it’s not really “My Neighbor’s Wife VS No Other Woman” in terms of play date but still it’s Regal VS Star Cinema because Regal Films will be releasing “Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me” also on September 28, 2011.  Both also has the same sexy element by the way.

I know you can watch all these films, but if you are only to watch one please consider watching the small film first! Why? Why because they mostly deserve your attention and mostly never fails. ;-p