Weeks ago, in one of my articles I’ve told you why I wanted to watch Zombadings 1 Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington. And on this review I must tell you that even though it failed to deliver the best out of zombie-themed genres which I really love; It did not disappoint me at all. To find out why? Read my Zombadings movie review!

A young boy, Remingtonaccompanies his mother on a walk around the streets of the beautiful town of Lucban Quezon. In most places he’s been, Remington would spot Gay men and tease them incessantly with the “Ayy..Bakla! Bakla! Bakla!” scoff. But things changed when Remington chanced upon a grieving gay in a public cemetery. The gay man (who was well-portrayed by Roderick Paulate) was angered by Remington’s derision against him and from that very moment he cast a curse on the young boy.

Years later, the curse manifests to Remington involving macho-dancing, hair-shaving, beefy demons; sudden change in language and eventually, Remington transforming into an all out, full-fledged GAY Man!! But serial killings of homosexuals started to shroud their town with fear and mystery, thus leading to the rise of the Zombadings and other ridiculous stuff! But will Remington who turned into a queer be the next one to die?

Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington delivers as far as humor is concerned. There were tons of laughter when the movie started and then dark and  risqué humor began to crack up everyone on their seats one after another. But the transformation of Remington into a homosexual is what really drove everyone crazy. Remington’s character transformation was superbly executed and I believe Mart Escudero is going to give other local actors a run for their money! The smooth shift of his personality into a new one was natural making his portrayal believable. That even after the conflict, his acting didn’t became awkward at all. Mart, you’re a revelation! Ikaw na! Ka-award-awaaard ka ng bonggang bongga!

Other lead stars Kerbie Zamora and Lauren Young also did well in the movie. The movie also features topnotch actors like Roderick Paulate, Janice De Belen, John Regala and Eugene Domingo which gave justice to their roles despite having limited screen times. Angelina Kanapi’s role as Mimi was also commendable because her comic timing comes naturally.

For a fantasy, they have the special effects deployed decently. In fact, everybody WOWED when the moon “fashionably” declared the rise of the Zombadings from the grave! It’s also worthy to note the unbelievable comic effect of the bright and sparkling graphics in Remington’s much applauded dance number! The special effects were less ambitious but succeeds as a visual aid that triggered laughs and entertainment.

The Cinematography was excellent but there were a few rough cuts which made me at some point feel dispirited somewhere in the middle of the film. I have also observed that in the near end of the movie some of the characters remained undeveloped and suddenly disappeared!

The story is undoubtedly well thought out but some turns in the film felt unnecessary. Even so it’s great that the message of the film was clearly conveyed in the most hilarious and colorful ways!

All in all, Zombadings is certainly worthy of your time and may change the way you look at gay people!

It was great to have been invited to a pre-screening here in Davao and finally watch Zombadings 1 Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington movie. Plus, I got the chance to see two of the lead stars in the film, namely, Lauren Young and Mart Escudero. Sa Part 2 ulet! Awaaard!