Of all Marvel Superheroes Captain America was my least favorite. The name and the get-go itself sounds so patriotic that Captain America on his fictitious journey may not be able to save the world, hypothetically if his own country would have to start wreaking havoc. Can we just call Captain Planet if that thing happens then? Plus, I don’t like seeing people wearing their brightly colored flags! What is this, some sort of a costume party?

While Captain America transformed into a perfect soldier way back in the year 1942, he never forgot to be the same weak little guy from Brooklyn who showed charisma and compassion amidst World War II. The determined Steve Rogers eventually transformed into the perfect soldier and kept his promise of being a good person.

Now to be honest, the movie may sound cheesy for all the goodness that’s being shown but its the power of the movie itself. What made the movie superb story-wise is that there was no emotional struggle within the protagonist. If you notice, most superheroes struggles within themselves first before it’ll occur to them that they’re mankind’s last hope and they oftentimes realize it when a lot of people, family, friends have died already. So Comic-book! After all, whether he has extraordinary power or none he’s still a hero – by heart. The star-spangled arse-kicker is now my favorite Superhero!

And this is because a strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion.

Needless to say the visual effects, pacing, acting and cinematography were brilliant! The ending? Well, mind-blowing!!