It’s the time of the year where all the good scares are rounded up and being celebrated. Halloween! Spooktober has begun and Halloween 2011 is fast-approaching and that’s why before Halloween, I am going to give you a list of hallowen movies for you to enjoy on the 31st of October.

You might just want to set up a Halloween movie marathon with your friends and play any movie among my Top 10 Halloween movie recommendations!

But before anything else, I would like you to know that the movies that are listed down are those that I’ve watched so far this 2011. And by the way, this list is a mix of Classic, Hollywood, Asian and other foreign horror movies. So take this as a personal movie recommendation from yours truly.

Have fun browsing!

10. The Child’s Eye 3D (2010) – Other critics would trash this asian horror film mostly because of its cheap and forced 3D effect in some parts of the film. The horror sequences are somehow recycled nonetheless trying. I usually frown in disappointment on furniture moving sequences. But the chair scene in the darkness and the dreamy atmosphere got me frightened as hell! From what seems to be just an average ghost story, this movie will twist your head monstrously! You can take that figuratively or literally. 😀 Just watch the movie!

9. Pans Labyrinth  (Spain, 2006) – From horror let’s take a twist by watching this brilliant twisted faitytale. A film that would remind you of Alice in Wonderland (only darker). A dark fantasy period movie with gore and the right amount of creeps (for horror) about a bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer who escaped into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

final destination movie

8. Final Destination 5 (2011) – The best among the franchise, watch final destination 5 movie and cringe in disgust to the bloody deaths of each death-cheater.

7. Coming Soon (Thailand, 2008) – Perhaps my second favorite thai horror film next to Shutter. This movie is a film that you won’t wanna watch in theater. The horror sequence here is new because of the setting and the frightening scenes never looked forced and are pretty effective!

6. Dead Silence (2007) – I’m not really a James Wan fan because I never liked watching SAW. But when he decided to do something different and tried to scare people without torture and too much gore on his films – I became his number 1 fan. Dead Silence isn’t quite scary compared to Wan’s recent “Insidious” but it has a more solid story than what Wan followed on this kind-of-a-haunted-house-movie.

5. Scream 4 (2011) – Now on it’s 4th installment. The first, second and third Scream movie never failed to make me scream. And this time, I’ve got to hate Wes Craven for making me scream like a pussy whenever Sidney Prescott is chased by the Ghost-faced killer.


4. Dalaw (2010)Now here’s some Filipino horror movie I’d like to recommend. It’s really a good horror film. Surprisingly, Dalaw is not your ordinary Filipino horror movie. It’s an untold story, visually enticing, thought provoking and had lots of scary moments in it.

the demon in insidious movie

3. Insidious (2011) – I reviewed this movie here and considered it as one of the best horror movie ever made since the second decade of the new millennium (that’s 2010 by the way, hehe!). Insidious is just the beginning of a new array of nerve-wracking films that’ll creep you out whenever a clock ticks.

2. Halloween (2007) – What is Halloween without watching what I consider to be the best and all-time Halloween movie ever. Happens during Halloween who doesn’t get scared of the pyscho killer “Mike Myers”?

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999) – I’m not really into Mockumentaries but here’s the best I’ve watched so far. Among the films on this list, this is perhaps the oldest and arguably the best. This is way better than Paranormal Activity, here you don’t need scary visuals to get scare. The sound enough is scary already, especially that it is presented in “I’m-on-their-shoes” kind of way.