Star Cinema’s No Other Woman nailed it! A groundbreaking box office success took place when Star Cinema AdProm director Roxy Liquigan affirmed that the movie, No Other Woman, was able to reach the P100 million mark as of Oct. 2, 2011. Yep, that’s the No Other Woman first box office report! And it’s awesome!

Count the days since No Other Woman premiered nationwide and they’ve got more than a hundred million pesos on their pockets. I wonder if they needed more pocket space!?? They could use mine. lol

P100M in 5 business days? It was as if the Filipino people are trying to watch a hollywood film. And not just any hollywood film but some film which sounded really great. Like some Hollywood movies doesn’t even get much attention yet here’s No Other Woman, a filipino movie, getting all the attention.

Now is it worth it? Personally, YES I believe it’s a worthwhile film. I have not watched it myself but my friends went gaga about the lines, the story and the hotness of the stars.

So what could have triggered this and why cannot other movie outfits seem to (even) reach the 100 million mark? Now, now. .While we all know Star Cinema is the biggest movie outfit in the Philippines. That doesn’t necessarily mean they produce worth-watching and box office movies everytime. I mean, even this year’s top-grossing Filipino film, Catch Me…I’m in Love (as of writing this),isn’t really great. But here are few observations as to why No Other Woman grabbed nearly everyone’s attention.


Anne Curtis is like an idol already in the Philippines. Her beauty, her stance, her elegance, her craziness, even her moles are remarkable most especially to the Madlang People.

Cristine Reyes, this kapuso turned kapamilya star is shining brightly on her projects in Abs-cbn. Despite not having consistent leading men in her teleserye, her acting can already save the show.

Derek Ramsay is you know, ideally someone you can fantasize over your dream. lol. But this gent doesn’t just stay there. He’s got great acting abilities and chemistry with nearly every leading lady he’ll get paired up with. After all, he’s claimed to as the Universal leading man!


While I somehow believe Star Cinema could do without other film outfits. I think it would be impossible in No Other Woman’s case since Cristine and Anne are VIVA Artists.

Also, when VIVA FILMS AND STAR CINEMA joins forces, there movie always reach a decent box office gross and even more!


While I haven’t watched the movie just yet, the story of No Other Woman basing from the trailer is really interesting. Infidelity, has always been one of the most controversial issue here in the Philippines. Why is there always another man or woman? You see, why TV5’s Face to Face has become top-rated? Yes, indeed, stories about third parties, snakes, bitches or Other Woman is that intriguing. They have a good story material and fortunately, according to reviews, Infidelity was brought up well in No Other Woman.


While Regal Films have tried to get our attention with their movie “My Neighbor’s Wife” which also dealt with Infidelity. No Other Woman banked not just with their actresses but with the script.

The witty, bitchy lines and dialogues – all of these may sometimes sound cheesy for some but stays remarkable.


We Filipinos are by nature, “isyuseros”, that’s why if we hear any fight or squabble going on our isyusero-instinct would go mad that we sometimes tend to forget what we’re doing. We end up going to the scene, where a fight happens. We like “sabongs”, “boxing” but most of the time “I’m-better-than-you kind of fight”.

Well those are only few of my observations. Well aside from their non-stop airing of trailers in TV, I believe those were factors why No Other Woman became highly anticipated. I’m not saying other film outfits should do another “No Other Woman” so as they would reach the 100 million mark but try to at least have those elements for romance/drama movies.

Directed by Ruel S. Bayani, No Other Woman has been graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, allowing it to receive a 100-percent exemption from amusement taxes. Meanwhile, the movie is rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.