A lot of reviews about No Other Woman have been published already and all points seem to have been taken care of, mostly. Now let me just dissect the best out of No Other Woman since nothing has actually caused me to frown upon any turns on the movie.

The movie starts with a cleverly written monologue voicing over a stunning scene of a goddess who surfaced from the water. It was almost like a literary piece (at least for me); an effective and persuasive adianoeta which successfully introduces us to the characters in the story. Also, it was a visually titillating start which may have aroused some boner in the dark.lol

It was really a good start, refreshing but in a way reminded me of how the movie “My Amnesia Girl” started, you know metaphors about love and life while particularly, in No Other Woman some tips about how to discreetly signal, tempt and finally get the girl of your life.

So there’s this man named Ram Escaner (Derek Ramsay), a married man, yet allows himself to get tied up with another woman. The other woman, Kara Zalderiaga (Anne Curtis) learns that Ram was already married but she consented and gave a set of rules about having a relationship out of fun and pleasure, claiming that she can never be called a mistress because there’s been no emotional attachment so far. And so, their NO STRINGS ATTACHED relationship continues. .

But as time passed by, the Wife, Charmaine Escaner (Cristine Reyes), suspected his husband of cheating on her. Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating – Cha was very certain that Ram has another woman. From a lackluster, boring housewife Charmaine transformed into a fierce wife. She fought back in the most elegant kind of way, no hair pulling fights, no lousy begging, and no real confrontation then, just all pure insinuations spicing up every scene. It was the high class form of what we usually see on confrontations such as in the TV show “Face to Face”.

Then the other woman realizes how much she loves the man. She ate all her words, her rules and even her pride hoping that Ram would love her back. Now who will win Ram’s heart? Is it the Wife? Or the Other Woman?

Of course the movie isn’t flawless, in fact it somehow suffered when some simile or metaphorical lines were delivered and sounded forced. I didn’t quite like the accident scene too because it was too morbid, too fictitious but thanks to the good lightings, camera angles, motion, color… cinematography. I believe the driving scenes although was quickly done was executed fantastically.

No Other Woman movie didn’t really bank on the story; it was the perfect cast, the admirable performances, the execution and most especially the lines that made it a worthwhile film. There’s enough time given to build up emotions so that the audience to feel for the characters. And since it’s an adult drama, you should expect a lot of sexy and crying moments in the film. It’s also a movie where even the supporting characters made sense or at least existed for comic relief.

No Other Woman was almost perfect. Packed with steamy bed scenes, a nicely executed but predictable story and solid acting, No Other Woman surfaced as one of the best drama film I’ve watched in the recent years.