In a matter of 2 days, Star Cinema has announced that the action comedy film “Praybeyt Benjamin” starring Vice Ganda has already grossed 50 Million as of its second day of screening, Oct. 28, 2011.

The movie premiered 4 days ago, October 26, 2011 and in a matter of 2 days has already grossed 50M. Whoa! Star Cinema and Viva Films strikes another at the local box office!

After “No Other Woman” did great in the box office with a whooping 270+ million as of the last update. Praybeyt Benjamin, from the way it looks might just break in another record in Philippine Movie Box Office history.

And that’s like, “likely” to happen. Estimating that Praybeyt Benjamin would have a gross of atmost 50-M in another 3 Days. Then the film would most likely outdo “No Other Woman” with a difference of around 10 to 20 Million on their first week.

I’ve read bad reviews of Praybeyt Benjamin though. A factor which may somehow affect the hype on the film between the 3rd and last weeks of screening. But reviews are nothing compared to where Vice Ganda gets most of his supporters – through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Then tech-savy, gossipy, Vice-loving people might crowd cinemas because it’s been trending already. And note that, even his TV Show Gandang Gabi Vice and Showtime is capable of driving crowds into the cinema.

Most of my friends told me though that it was thorougly entertaining funny yet not a topnotch film. Just the average Wenn Deramas film packed with Vice Ganda’s jokes and wacky comedy antics. That if one needed to cheer up then go and watch the film.