So last night I went to the cinema with my friends Renz, Juy and Kuya Andrew to watch the awesome adventures of Puss in Boots in 3D!

puss in boots

Puss, on the other hand, was a lonesome outlaw that learned of the whereabouts of the magic beans. But later found himself drawn together with the company of Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws in a journey that would take them up on the Giant’s castle in the sky, leading to where the gold-pooping duck lies.

At first, from how the movie started, I thought Puss in Boots was marketed to adults since it promised to offer a lot of intense action and adventure in the trailer. One that would remind you of “Zorro”, “James Bond” – only animated and also because of the hilarious adult-humor, outstanding dance fight full of LOL Cats, nursery-rhyme jokes and the interesting purring romance between Puss and Kitty.

But things went way below my expectation because they bogged down the story with a no-brainer ending. It ended like a children’s story-book by imposing good moral which wasn’t even necessary.

To be honest I really felt bad after watching the movie. Like why the hell did it have to end that way! The first half of the movie was astonishing  given it had lots of fun, comedy and action. The animation was as expected excellent and the cinematography was brilliant composed of Spanish-inspired (or maybe Mexican) villages, desserts, canyons and brilliant skies. I find the Aurora Borealis or was it Aurora Australis scene visually captivating!

All in all, I had to be less generous this time on rating a Hollwood flick because I’m way too disappointed by the ending. Not the after-credits though – I love that LOL-CAT!! Thumbs up for the kitty who says “Oooo!” He stole the show. 🙂