Unlike most revenge movies, this was the most gripping, heart-pounding, and straightforward.

It didn’t offered overly-dramatic, although maybe interesting flashbacks. Instead, the film offered an unpredictable, simultaneous, and compelling however a slow-paced cat-and-mouse hunt that carries great emotional impact for its audience. I SAW THE DEVIL is about a Police officer hunting down a low-life psycho killer who brutally murdered his fiancee. Yeah, I know the structure of the story sounds like a simple, been there done that revenge story.Girlfriend killed, an armed man will avenge the death of his sweetheart by hunting the suspect and all that.

But in, I SAW THE DEVIL, things were shown in a different light. Aside from having no flashbacks, in I SAW THE DEVIL you won’t get what you want to know but watch what has to be done. I’ve seen a lot of revenge movies and I must say that this has to be on my list of favorites.

It’s well-executed and there’s that bloody-disgusting horror feel in it. There’s also enough action and intrigue which makes one impatient to see what’s going to happen next. Drama is also sufficient that it neutralizes tensions and soothes emotional struggles in a certain degree of relief.

The title was deceiving though for giving us notions about supernaturals, like devils, themselves, in this movie doesn’t exist. The DEVIL in the film does not possess any extraordinary powers but can still cause a lot of trouble, moreover deaths.

The movie is surprisingly good but I would have loved it if there was a twisted, in-depth, reasoning behind the murders. But that is like, questioning a man’s nature! And the film isn’t about that man.

Experience pain, agony, fear and anger in I SAW THE DEVIL movie. And learn that justice can sometimes be served with vengeance; While facing the devil in a situation where nobody wins.

Technical wise, all the effects were bloody believable, solid acting from the leads (Byung-hun LeeChoi Min-shik), and superb direction from the Korean master storyteller KIM Jee-woon.