The Alessandra de Rossi starrer, Ka Oryang, was one of those films which didn’t have much anticipation from the average moviegoers during the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2011.

Although ticket-wise, it may have sold a lot during the festival. Considering also, the niche audience of the said event. It’s just that the topic Ka Oryang promises to explore, something people would opt to ignore these days.

Politics, revolution, pain, anger and drama set during the Philippine Martial Law. How serious can it be? With those first-impressions aside, what do we know?

It was well received by critics, loved by audience who watched and above all it won the Best Picture at the Cinema One Originals 2011 Film Festival.

Following the success of “Altar”, “Dose”, “Huling Balyan ng Buhi”, “Imburnal”, “Rome and Juliet”, “Yanggaw”, “Wanted:Border”and “Layang Bilanggo”, Ka Oryang is now part of Cinema One Originals elite set of films. And one of the reasons why we should celebrate Filipino movies even more! Congrats to the people behind Ka Oryang!