So Today I’m officially unveiling the latest “need-to-know, have-to-know” thing here on! As the title goes, I together with some contributors will offer you a list showcasing the movies opening weekly in the Philippines. And yes, this will become a weekly post and we’re gonna call this project “Weekly Peeks!”

movies opening this weekend

So for our first Week, just take a peek on the Movies Opening this Week, Philippines (Nov.30 – Dec. 6, 2011). 

This week is an exciting movie week for both the ordinary moviegoers, critics and box office analysts! Today opens two Filipino movies offering two different genres but both comes from rival movie outfits. It’s Star Cinema VS GMA Films once again! The last time these two outfits clashed, Star Cinema lost against GMA’s Tween Hearts the Movie in the box office race.  This time around, will Star Cinema outdo GMA Film’s promising horror movie offering “The Road” with their “sure-win” template of Romantic Comedy in Won’t Last A Day Without You? We’ll see about that in a couple of days!

While the local industry is steaming in competition, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Herge’s comic adventure series “The Adventures Of Tintin” is also likely to top the box office race. With quite creepy animation who doesn’t want to feel that spielberg-kind-of-goosebumps by basically watching a Steven Spielberg film?

Action and crime enthusiast has got to be kidding if they’d let “The Son Of No One” pass by! This Channing Tatum film looks like a badass and intriguing movie! So read on and watch the trailers!

The Road

Three kids on a road trip. A twelve-year-old missing persons case. A disrupted childhood. 3 stories unfold as the road stretches on. Uncover the mystery if you dare. Nobody leaves The Road.

Won’t Last A Day Without You

A female radio DJ who has a popular relationship advice show advises a caller to break up with her boyfriend. Much to the DJ’s surprise, that boyfriend shows up at the station, asking for restitution. The DJ tries to help him win his girl back, but the two fall in love in the process.


The Adventures of Tintin

A young journalist stumbles onto a clue pointing to a famous sea captain’s long lost treasure. He teams up with that captain’s descendant, traveling the world and fighting off ruthless men who are also after the treasure.

The Son of No One

A young cop is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up, and an old secret threatens to destroy his life and his family.

That’s it for this week’s WEEKLY PEEK!  Have a sweet and haunting movie week!