Third day of MMFF 2011 and finally, after yesterday’s failed attempt I was able to watch an MMFF 2011 entry. This time around, I checked GMA Films’ Ang Panday 2 movie. And having watched some parts of the first Ang Panday, I was hoping that this fantasy action film wouldn’t be as preachy and metaphorical as its predecessor.

ang panday 2011

Ang Panday 2 is a movie about the brave blacksmith Flavio, whose fiance had been captured again by the evil Lizardo. And as he goes on a quest to rescue the love of his life (again), he encounters series of attacks from monsters and creatures summoned by dark forces (again and again). But on his way, he found out a big revelation which introduced him to a world of full of dragons and a great battle against Lizardo in the end.


In the start of the movie a new character was introduced. It was an evil witch who claims to be the Queen of Darkness. Feeling bored and compelled that something evil has got to be happening around, with all her witchy efforts the damn witch flew to where Lizardo’s remains lie and eventually she brought the evil lord back to life.

Ang Panday 2 lacks a good plot more than a trite hero-saves-the-princess story yet it diverts its direction halfway through by revealing a forced, unremarkable turn that ruined the film’s credibility and romantic subplot. A turn that soon forgets the doomed wrinkled princess, while breaking its own path by leaving the protagonist lonesome in the end.

There’s honestly a lot of things to hate about Ang Panday 2 aside from its lackluster story. Like the intoned, metaphorical and patriotic lines thrown by most of the characters. (Can’t they just talk normal?) The sudden disappearances and appearances of some characters in the story and it left some questions unanswered.

Although it was ridiculously funny to have an old version of Maria, ageing was never really funny and if it was some sort of joke I feel offended for this isn’t a comedy film and it’s a blatant discrimination against the old. (How dare you make fun of the elderly?)

What made me hold on for hours of suffering is that I’m quite of a visual person. I can sit on to a dragging movie for as long as it can provide plenty of visual thrills and a vivid imagination. Surprisingly, the film was good at that. Ang Panday 2 is a visually stunning film with great cinematography, action sequences, decent CGI animation and special effects. But if you’re looking for a film with a decent story this isn’t your kind of movie!

ang panday 2

As for characterizations, all of the characters are pretty interesting especially Arlana’s character and her alter-ego Bagwis. But let’s go back to the old annoying witch for she didn’t do a lot in the film. After her intriguing appearance in the beginning she then went back to grab some popcorns and commented on the flaws of the film as shown on her nifty TV-like cauldron. This movie sucks because this is a story out of a witch’s boredom.

I know this didn’t sound like a review but more like a rant. Forgive me, but still to my final verdict, Ang Panday 2 is a complete trash.