First of all, I’m not a sci-fi movie fan. I just don’t like sci-fi movies especially those films that concerns with the extraterrestrial, weird, either slimy or hairy alien freaks, armed alien-bots, and other space shit. However, I do love E.T, Super 8 and Paul to name a few. And yes, I haven’t watched Star Wars so I can’t say anything about it nor do I have to say it’s good just because everybody say it’s good; Just so you know!

So last night, I came across this Brit film called “Attack the Block” and I must say, I’ve had a good watch. The movie was thoroughly entertaining and the characters were interesting enough to make me hold on to what I consider to be a freaking good alien movie.

What I really liked about the movie is that it makes you think why the hell a group of teenage gangsta is being chased by big alien-gorilla-wolf motherfuckers. You may think of the most obvious reasons but in the near end comes a revelation that requires quite of cleverness, weed, and if possible some history in primatology, mammalogy and maybe all that shizzle.

It was also good because unlike some hollywood movie, this film was daring for the risk it took by taking away some young characters. It actually made the story a lot believable. A lot believable than those with stereotypical group of teenagers which can impossibly escape death. There’s also some good frightening scenes that makes the experience a lot funner. I would have enjoyed seeing POGO for a long time though.

Attack the Block

Remember, it’s a sci-fi horror comedy! Meaning, Attack the Block is a Freak, Frightening and Funny! Considering this is Joe Cornish’s directorial debut, hands down, Attack the Block is definitely well worth checking out!

Plus, I really love Prob and Mayhem!! If you miss this film, your loss, ♪Don’t give a fuck. . Blat, blat, blat!!♪