The Darkest Hour was fairly an original post-apocalyptic alien movie and if not for the acting, rushed post-production and ending I would have liked the movie. I appreciated its sense of unpredictability though especially when they’ve decided to shift roles and create opportunities for the characters to develop midway. One commendable element of the film is its setting. This is the only movie I’ve seen that was set in Russia.

But then it wasn’t as smart as I thought it would be! It would have been interesting to learn about all those electromagnetic thingamajigs in the movie.

It lacked any real suspense until the last 30 minutes of the film or so. And there were lots of opportunities where you can actually discuss how awful some parts of the film were while the film is still rolling. It was horrible for a film not to have any conclusion. The movie was mostly post-apocalyptic, and having some of ‘War of the World’s’ elements or at least “feel” with all the alien-invasion thing happening – the story could have ended better, conclusively.

And to make it worse, the film sets up for a sequel that isn’t even necessary (Like it’ll be pointless because the characters are dumb and they’re all gonna die!).

Don’t get inside the theater with big expectations because The Darkest Hour is a big letdown!!