Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay are all set to do another Star Cinema movie. It can be noted that the two have already starred on movies before (And I Love You So and One More Chance), so their team up isn’t new. Still, there’s no doubt these two have a mature level of chemistry. That’s just why, their films were anticipated mostly by mature audiences.

According to recent reports, actress Bea Alonzo revealed that her upcoming film will tackle a controversial story. In an interview with”E-Live”, the actress said

“Ito(story) ‘yung hindi pinag-uusapan ng society, pero it exists. Really controversial,”.

With that, Bea is set to do an immersion for the role. Alongside the lead actors, Bea and Derek, the yet untitled film is also starring high calibre actors  Ronaldo Valdez and Hilda Coronel.

To be directed by Olivia M. Lamasan, whose previous film was the fantastic romance drama “In The Name of Love”. The pressure is now on for the lead stars and the director. While it’s been reported that they really went through intensive research to finish the story. Great direction and acting is required to pull off this great potential film. This movie is going to be Star Cinema’s 2012 Anniversary offering.

Well, I’ve got lots of things in mind to what “controversial” really means. Since Cathy Garcia-Molina is going to also tackle a somehow controversial story on her upcoming Valentines Day movie “Unofficially Yours“. I think ‘Inang’ (Director Olivia L.), is gonna divert a bit to what Molina will deliver on her film. Since the upcoming Bea-Derek movie is going to be a sexy romance drama, controversial could mean “prostitution” or “stripping”??

Well, that’s what I have in mind while thinking about the possible role of Bea Alonzo. What about you? What do you think?

Derek Ramsay on the other hand revealed that his role will be like just being himself, so the only pressure for him is if this movie will outdo his previous films “No Other Woman” and “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin” in ticket sales.

Are you excited for this movie?