When we lost our connection to the cable TV world, I’ve lost in touch with the films that’re worth every watch via HBO, Star Movies, Cinemax and even local films at Cinema One. And the internet played a big role to feed my hunger for movies since then. I was not the “movie theatre” type of movie buff though but I watch on theaters whenever I’m with my cousins and friends, when I get free tickets and whenever I’m not broke.

That’s why, it’s not a surprise if I haven’t watched some of the most awesome movies that had been screened over the years. And that includes the 3D Animated film, DreamWorks’ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Having seen it last night and after finding out it was listed under IMDB’s top 250 films, I really believe How to Train Your Dragon is one of the most powerful films of the decade.

It’s unlike any animated film I’ve watched, although the movie was ironically gore-less and didn’t visually exhibit any killings – the fire explosions, action sequences, pacing and solid storyline had it all covered.

The movie starts with Hiccup, the protagonist, narrating things about their place. Located solidly on the meridian of misery where dragons are pests. Later on Hiccup found himself befriending a dragon. The dragon no one has ever seen, the Night Fury! Together they discover that dragons and humans can live in peace and harmony.

Indeed the movie has layers of wonderful messages on it. Soaring high with breathtaking visuals and its cleverly written script. How to Train Your Dragon has a lot of heart and emotions like Hiccup, it’s as strong and adorable as Toothless but its incomparable to any animated films! Because, How to Train Your Dragon is the most charming medieval masterpiece!

How to Train Your Dragon is easily, one of my favorite animated movies!!