I felt like I was such a loser for not having watched one of the most well-made films of all time. And I’m talking about The Sixth Sense. Although the film failed to scare me. The story itself was thought-provoking enough to have my ass cemented on my seat. But I must admit that there were a lot of dialogues which made the pacing a tad slow and at times boring. I’d like to think those were necessary though.

the 6th sense

I hate to break it to you but I almost did not like the movie because I already knew how it’s gonna end as i had been told by an asshole friend beforehand. But with all the creepy elements of an atmospheric horror film, great story-telling and mature acting from both Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, The Sixth Sense still had me blown me away by its power.

The power of presenting a ghost story with the right amount of drama, psychological horror and mystery. Having watched this, I became an instant M. NightShyamalan fan.

What’s he done was indeed a masterpiece.

How dare anyone say that M. Night Shyamalan is the worst director? I’ll never be the same again after watching the Sixth Sense. According to Reader’s Digest, out of the 200 people you meet everyday, 2 are ghosts. With that seemingly legit information and the chills I’ve got from “The Sixth Sense“. Now, I am more aware that we could have met ghosts, or would-be ghosts. That we’re not alone in this world. The film changes the perspective that these entities are here to inflict pain but to show us and give us a more meaningful life.

The surprising thing was I cried watching this film. In the near end of the movie, Cole conveyed a message from her Mom’s mother, his grandmother, about coming to her dance recital. It was very touching. Damn it!

The Sixth Sense satisfactorily does makes sense! It’s an intelligent psychological horror and works great even when you don’t have the sixth sense! You’ll swear you’d rather not have it though. But then you never know, maybe it’s a gift!

Here’s the trailer: