It’s February and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so we’ve decided to pick 10 of the most romantic movies we’ve watched to date! And take note that this list is a mix of Hollywood and Asian films!!

romance movies

Here’s our Top 10 Romantic movies to enjoy this Valentines 2012 from different parts of the world!!

1. My Sassy Girl (Korea)

My Sassy Girl is one of those films I’ll treasure for life. With a unique storytelling, high calibre acting performances and a great twist in the end. My heart lifts up whenever I thought about its ending! SUPERB!!

2. Titanic

It’s been a long time since I’ve rewatched this movie, perhaps the best love story ever told. Set during the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic, James Cameron’s Titanic movie will always be an excellent film. Notwithstanding naysayers who would never admit they’ve once experienced drowning in the depths of the arctic ocean with Titanic’s brilliance. An epic masterpiece that will never be forgotten!

3. A Walk To Remember

A bittersweet tale about life, hope…and a wind-like love of two teenagers who fell in love with each other. Set in North Carolina, we see here an old premise that’s beautifully done with Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan and Shane West as Landon Carter. A simple but heartfelt movie which delivers a powerful message about faith and love.4. The Notebook

The Notebook is an enjoyable and moving love story filled with emotions. I don’t know what else to say but this film is very rewarding.  The Notebook reminds us what true love is all about! sweet and timeless, unforgettable indeed!

5. Ghost

I wasn’t born yet when this film was released. But I’ve had the chance to watch it over when it was aired on the television via Cinemax. Ghost is one of the most touching movie I’ve watched. My mom and I cried right after watching it. Accompanied by a nostalgic song Unchained Melody, this film became an instant favorite. The story was unique for it dealt with death. There’s also a lot of funny moments especially when Oda (Whoopi Goldberg) came into the story. Alongside the love story, Ghost also has the power to make you believe there’s life after death. The best classic date movie I could recommend!

6. Tangled

While Tangled was quite fomulaic, this Disney 3D animated film succeeds on being an incredibly fun romantic adventure that proves the Disney magic is back! An exciting and visually stunning film to brighten up your Valentines!

7. 500 Days of Summer

A romantic comedy that isn’t. A stylized film that’ll take you to the edge of your seat wishing Summer and Tom will end up together. But then that would ruin the film’s realism because 500 Days With Summer is almost believable it can actually be anyone’s funny true to life love story. The best thing about this movie is that it’s told from a guy’s imaginative point of view. A film which is as quirky and high-spirited as its leads! I want a sequel, 500 Days of Autumn,ftw! And a happy ending so that winter will never come. lol8. The Classic (Korea)

Yet another stunning nostalgic melodrama from Korea that shifts through different times while narrating two stories, an epic period love story set in 1968 and the present. The Classic is truly, a CLASSIC!

9. Ghajini (India)

While most regarded as a revenge story, it all boils down to where everything started – Romance (when boy meets girl).  A unique approach on a sweet and honest love story that turned out to be the most entertaining romantic thriller I’ve seen to date. The flashbacks of Sanjay and Kalpana’s love story were the best parts of Ghajini. Although at times violent, this could be one of those climatic Valentines date movies!

10. One More Chance (Philippines)

Valentines is all about love and love is said to be sweeter the second time around! One More Chance offers a story about second chances and was delivered so well that’s what made it considered as the best Filipino romance movie. Despite having a typical premise. The best romance movie, Filipino’s are all proud of. Despite having a typical premise, One More Chance is an epic modern love story with great cast, memorable lines and heartbreaking moments which will leave you smiling and tearyeyed in equal.

4 Movies that almost made the list!

Windstruck (Korea)

A sob story cleverly mixed with fantasy and action and a bit of comedy that would make you cry on climatic parts of the film. A good asian tear-jerker!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love(Thailand)

Watching this will make you catch a glimpse of your old high school romances!

My Name Is Khan (India)

While more of self-discovery and quite political, My Name is Khan is a brilliant film about love, acceptance and faith. A film that would make you realize, one can do anything in the name of love!

My Amnesia Girl (Philippines)

While it’s quite cliche and super cheesy, My Amnesia Girl’s story was well told and was crafted beautifully. A rather moving story of two funny people turned couple that did not turn out to be so predictable despite being hinted that it’s a wacky “I lost my memory in an accident” movie.

Honorable Mentions:

You Are the One (Philippines), 17 AgainCrazy Stupid Love, Edward Scissorhands and Hello Stranger(Thailand).

I can’t also wait for Star Cinema’s Unofficially Yours which is from Philippines by the way. 🙂