Heist or caper movies are usually intelligent movies. They start out with criminals and thieves plotting on how to rob a bank and get that dough-filled safe on their hands. Things may go out of plan in the middle but the leads would always have the last laugh in the end. Although I couldn’t remember any great heist movie, I could say that Tower Heist was the most entertaining and less cliche for the genre.

Tower Heist begs to be different. Not just because it’s a comedy with high-calibre actors on the lead but the story itself was executed well and while at times, very impossible, there’s still a certain level of realism in the film. Most especially in characterizations and the film’s ending.

There was nothing great about the story though. Set in a luxurious condominium; In Tower Heist, we see the workers discover that their life savings were swindled by their own boss. Now the Tower’s manager, Jake Kovacs (Ben Stiller), felt responsible for the loss after having mindlessly plugged their pensions on their bosses’ (Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda)) evil scheme.

And after having been FIRED one day, Kovac along with Charlie (Casey Affleck), Dev’reau (Michael Peña), Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick) , Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe) and the “PRO” swindler Slide (Eddie Murphy) plans to steal a $20 million in a safe hidden on the Tower.

As the film progressed, things start to get out of hand not because of some unintended overrated event but because people just doesn’t change. I mean, this is when the characters becomes more interesting. Thieves will be thieves and some decisions have just to be done. 🙂

I don’t know how to address this without spoiling too much about the ending. Despite considerable effort to make the story work and feel believable, the ending save it by delivering a message that in heist movies or movies in general – LAWS do exist.

Tower Heist gets off to a slow start, but becomes good entertainment overall. Plus, the funny Eddie Murphy is back!

Tower Heist Movie Trailer: