darna movie There is speculation that Star Cinema will bank on producing Superhero movies this 2012. Maybe it’s because Hollywood’s been making rounds in the box office with these world-saving protagonists on the big screen or they just wanted to do some move that will uplift Philippine cinema.

We never know they might just start working on a Darna movie, a sequel of Gagamboy or perhaps an original Filipino superhero!? Whatever happens, I am hoping that we’ll get to see some Filipino superhero flying on our local theaters soon.

Recently, a news spread about Direk Wenn Deramas doing a comedy film for Star Cinema entitled “Darna, Kuno?” So I immediately searched for Darna Kuno in the internet and found out that there’s already been a 1979 parody film of Mars Ravelo’s Darna with the same title “Darna Kuno?

The classic film was topbilled by the Comedy King Dolphy and directed by Luciano B. Carlos. Produced by Regal Films, the film “boasts that there will never be another motion picture like this! (kuno)“. I’m not sure if they’re serious on that tag-line but hey, if ever this project pushes through – not only that it will violate what they had as the film’s disclaimer but it would also break barriers between movie outlets in the Philippines. Say, since the classic was produced by Regal Films and with Star Cinema planning to work on a film of the same title – we may see these film outfits working together soon. The question is; Are both ends willing to collaborate for a would-be box office hit?

Now, now, Wenn Deramas said that his “Darna Kuno” film project will star Vice Ganda. It looks like we have another Vice Ganda film to watch out for this year. In an interview the director revealed that his Darna Kuno movie will not follow the plot of the classic.

“Iba ang istorya nito,” said Deramas.

“For Vice Ganda’s alter ego, I’m eyeing Xyriel Manabat.”

“Ang galing ng batang ‘yan. Mapa-comedoy o mapa-drama. I am sure, she and Vice will make a good combination.”

With Vice Ganda and Xyriel Manabat as the lead characters, this film might outdo what Vice Ganda’s previous film “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin”, had grossed making this the highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time.

While I hope this would be of good quality, director Wenn Deramas would probably stick with his style – brainless and predictable comedy with cheap special effects and blatant advertisements. Well, I certainly hope not. Don’t get me wrong though, I liked his comedy films “Ang Tanging Ina” and “Petrang Kabayo” but he hasn’t been consistent with his movies recently. For example, Hating Kapatid and Praybeyt Benjamin while commercially successful films, were big letdowns. That doesn’t mean his films are less entertaining though, because his films certainly do well in the entertainment department. But overall, they’re all just average films.

I’m excited to see Vice with Xyriel Manabat but I just didn’t like the thought that the next Darna is Vice Ganda. Star Cinema just let Vice Ganda do the sequel of Praybeyt Benjamin and give Darna’s role for Angel Locsin with Xyriel Manabat in a smart, high-impact, kick-ass Filipino Superhero film.

What do you think?