TV5 Dominated the 75th Araw Ng Dabaw scene last March 26, 2012 by airing Amy Perez, Chiqui Roa-Puno and Tintin Bersola-Babao’s Good Morning Club sharing highlights on the Parada Dabawenyo. It was then followed by simultaneously playing their high-calibre primetime tv shows in the afternoon at Rizal Park, Davao City. Alongside that spectacular event are series of shows and appearances by TV5’s most sought after celebrities. Audition also started for the grandest and biggest adventure race in the World “The Amazing Race Philippines” was held last May 17 and 18.

And having the opportunity to meet and interview some of the celebrities, namely, Alex Gonzaga, Zoren Legazpi and Ms. Lorna Tolentino. I made it to a point to ask about upcoming movie projects of these stars.

Let’s start with Alex Gonzaga.

So, Alex Gonzaga told me upfront that she hasn’t received any movie offers (just yet). However, she’s looking forward to have a movie with her sister Toni Gonzaga and that she’s willing to work with anyone for her leading men, even Long Mejia.

Zoren Legazpi, as far as I could remember has blown me away with his thoughts about the Philippine cinema. We usually release reviews praising movies that are breakthrough in Philippine Cinema, but I felt like I was woken by Zoren for telling us that Philippines is yet to make a scene in the movie industry. Yes we do have good films but the industry itself and the influential people around it doesn’t want our industry to evolve. That’s why they settle on tried-and-tested templates. Zoren, as a director himself, however clarified though that there’s nothing wrong with formulas – the challenge there is how to make a good film out of it.

Lorna Tolentino had my mouth shut because of her “Royalty” aura. I mean, she’s one of the brightest star, way way before and up until now. I’ve never had the chance to ask her anything but there are some good movie news she shared with us.

If you’re familiar with the Hit movie “Pusong Mamon“, then may sign up yourself for its sequel.This will reunite Eric Quizon and Albert Martinez, with Eugene Domingo as the best friend of Lorna in the movie and Lorna Tolentino’s son in real life son Renz Fernandez.

All these are part of Tv5’s Sugod Mga Kapatid. A regional campaign that promotes TV5’s programs and artists in ket cities nationwide, engaging more Filipinos and giving them a taste of what the Happy Network is all about.

I hope by next Araw Ng Dabaw they’ll come here with more movie updates especially news under TV5’s film outfit.