Why are producers wasting their time and money on lame ideas?

Unfortunately we have another film that was inspired by series of gags from a Gag show’s segment called “Boy Pick Up“. And just like its indirect predecessor (Yaya and Angeline Spoiled Brat The Movie), Boy Pick Up the Movie is slated to become a film that if not condemned, will only result to more productions of shameless comedies in the future.

While I could have been a lot nicer by saying GMA Film’s first attempt on making a film out of Bubble Gang’s segment, Yaya and Angelina, was so-so. It doesn’t feel right when you’re about to think that the Philippine Cinema is moving forward. The existence of something that is as corny, cheesy and as cliched as ‘Pickup lines’ will only slow down any actual progress in our cinema.

GMA Films and Regal Entertainment presents “Boy Pick Up the Movie” starring Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heussaff, and Ogie Alcasid!

pick up boy

Synopsis: The film centers on Boy Pick Up, the legendary champion of the Pikapista undergound battles; lives a solitary life with his pet goldfish. Ironically, his love life is zero but he soon meets the love of his life when he applies as a pastry chef and sees Angel.

Angel (Heussaff) on the other hand, is the owner of Heaven’s Bakeshop who invested all her money to manage the bakeshop only to find out she’s going to be dumped by the man she loves and worse, leave her almost bankrupt.

GABBS aka Bagwis, is the main villain of the story. He’s also a Pikapista who is set to marry the love of his life; but the woman leaves him at the altar on the day of their wedding because of something Boy said. Gabbs attempts to kill himself but is rescued by a mysterious man who transforms him into Bagwis and uses him as the ultimate villain to destroy Boy Pick-up.

I will be the first to admit that this is geared towards Boy PickUp fans. The fans themselves won’t be able to save the movie though and so as my words. But two people can – Ogie Alcasid and the Director. If the protagonist delivers a memorable performance then critics might just let this one pass by like The Spoiled Brat movie. Second is the director, Dominic Zapata, who has to really work out the story and make each pick up line worth quoting. I’d like to add that the producers should put more time and effort when coming up with film ideas! Ideas which didn’t spark out of 280,552 facebook likes.

So, are you going to pick this film on June 6?