There’s been quite a buzz about Star Cinema allegedly setting out a plan for a Filipino version of Avengers,  lately . It’s not that it’s entirely a rip-off of Avengers but we should also take “Justice League” (the concept) into consideration since Abs-cbn once announced that they will bring together Mars Ravelo’s line up of Superheroes and call them “Isang Lakas (One Force)”, which was actually around 5 years ago.

isang lakas

Yeah, what seemed like an every Saturday-afternoon plan is slowly becoming a major motion picture.

“We’ve been thinking about putting all the Mars Ravelo’s superheroes that ABS-CBN has into a team since early 2007,” says Komik’s writer Ays De Guzman.

“Ang tagline namin as we do the story is, Isa para sa Lahat, Lahat para sa Isa. So this is really a teamwork type of story…it’ll be interesting kasi to see these different types of characters tapos hahatakin mo silang lahat and make them into a team. Panigurado may mga magka-clash dyan, mag-aaway, maiin-love…maganda yung mix and there’s a lot we can do about it.”

The team originally includes a very unique line-up of Supers namely Lastikman, Kapitan Boom,Varga, Tiny Tony, Dragonna and Flash Bomba. But due to conflicts like network issues, unpopularity(?) and schedules, some characters might be replaced.

Rumors has it also, that Varga, Kapitan Boom and Tiny Tony will be replaced by 2 Filipino main superheroes Darna and Captain Barbel and reportedly Ding will gain super powers halfway the story since Abs-cbn have already acquired the rights to these characters.

As for the villain, the rumored project, “Isang Lakas” will feature 2 villains. One is ZUMA, which will terrorize the city as he searches for his baby daughter, Galema. Zuma’s encounter with the “Isang Lakas” team will serve as an introduction to a TV series “Galema Anak Ni Zuma”. The other villain…on the other hand, is Amadeus.

“For this gathering of the six pinoy superheroes whose combined powers matches the might of the western super teams. You’ll need one nasty and powerful villain that can shatter the heroes both physically, and emotionally, or in Isang Lakas’ case several. “I love creating the villains, between you and me I actually like doing the villains more than the heroes. They’re really complex kasi and hip, I mean what’s cooler than Darth Vader right?” Ays said.

“The main badass in Isang Lakas is named Amadeus. He’s a Magneto type of villain, in the sense that he’s has this regal aura about him and he’s not evil for evil’s sake. Actually to Amadeus he doesn’t see himself as a villain at all, to him he is a leader on a sacred mission, a mission that is not for himself but for his kind.” Ays said. “He is interesting kasi, at first he has a principle that he wouldn’t cross this certain line. But then something happens which shatters his entire principle and the core of his being and he completely goes 360. That was the point of no return for him, it’s not that he became insane, it’s just that he was proven wrong and the cost was more than he could bare. “ adds Phillip King. “Amadeus can actually take on the six heroes by himself, I mean he is that powerful, he’ll have a little bit of difficulty dahil anim sila, but I think at the end of a fight, he can pummel the six heroes deep into the ground with not just broken bones, but broken hearts” teases Ays.

Star Cinema is eyeing Luis C. Suarez, the director of RPG Metanoia, to direct the project. Star Cinema will allegedly tap Riot, Inc. (the team behind Ang Panday 2’s special effects) and Ambient Media for this would-be awesome film! The project is slated for release on 2015!

If ever this project would come to life it is likely that Cristine Reyes will play the role of Darna, Gerald Anderson as Captain Barbel, Yogo Sigh as Ding, Luis Manzano might reprise his character as Flash Bomba, Vhong Navarro for Lastikman and Shaina Magdayao as Dragonna.

Do you want this project to push through? Who and What would you like to see in this alleged project? What do you have to say?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction (sort of). No official details or facts were announced by Star Cinema . The interviews quoted above are real though, but happened about 5 years ago during the story-con of the shelved tv project Isang Lakas.  Since no official announcement has been made as of press time, the parties and individuals mentioned were just part of a mere speculation by the author, let alone an unconfirmed rumor.