Vice Ganda recently revealed the first behind the scene footage for his upcoming 2012 movie “This Guy’s Inlab With U Mare“.

Down with a sexy pink nightgown parodying either Anne Curtis or Cristine Reyes in No Other Woman, Vice Ganda goes daring by having a seemingly actual bedscene (for the movie) with a hot Luis Manzano on his side. It looks like we have a Vice Ganda Scandal in our hands! LOL.

vice ganda and luis manzano

“Eto na ang eksenang magbabago sa stado ng Philippine Movies! Mapangahas. Matapang. Makasining.” Vice Ganda said on his twitter account.

Box Office wise, I think with Toni Gonzaga on the billing, Vice Ganda trying to woe Toni’s heart and Luis Manzano’s underarm in an odd love triangle  –This Guy’s Inlab With U Mare will oust The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin in ticket sales. Vice Ganda even said!Vice Ganda’s film last year, Praybeyt Benjamin, featured some steamy scenes like this however no real bed scene happened because his Derek Ramsay’s character is straight and on a personal note, that would totally be gross. But this bed scene in This Guy’s Inlab With U Mare movie seems quite legit and I guess they’re really going to have a bed scene or maybe not? Like, this scene might have been written as a dream sequence or Vice’s fantasy. I don’t think Star Cinema would allow two dudes to actually do a scorching bed scene because their movies cater to the mass and their target market is the key for the film’s box office success. But then, prepare yourselves though – I’m sure that scene is going to be funny!

“With all humility ito yung movie na kakabog sa Praybeyt Benjamin. Hahaha!”

What can you say?