Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Anastacia and other princesses known all over the world embraced the new Disney-Pixar Princess – with a marvelous hair, perfect body figure and of course suitors who dare to win her heart – may I present to you, MERIDA.

Brave – a different fairytale story of a princess in the absence of a prince (what?) yup, you heard it right, without a prince. This is a story of a princess who take a different path of life. She has a horse, a concise skill in archery and mountain climbing.

I’m 100% sure you have not missed this new animated movie – BRAVE – who wouldn’t?

Well, I have read a lot of reviews and comments, but I would like to shift my thoughts on a different perspective on published write-ups.

Brave – has an unusual story of a mother and daughter relationship.                    As Merida and her mother, the Queen had conflict in many ways still her father, the King has it’s own share in the story together with her three cute little brothers who love cupcakes. Like any other home, a mother always protects her children, Queen Elinor as a disciplinarian wishes to prepare her daughter for the challenges in the future however like most teens do, ignore, and contradict.

Merida gets what she wants, do what she likes and will pursue the things she desires no matter what. And that’s where she bumped into the witch spell, she bargained more than what she wanted and never expected the outcome – her mother turned into a bear – a turning point of her relationship with the Queen, reboot – back to square 1.

We heard daughters’ rivalry, brothers’ clashing, parents’ war – now we have this story that captured not only the hearts of the daughters but also every mother and mothers to be.

The playdate of BRAVE seemed to become a post-Mothers’ Day Celebration to every family. As BRAVE brought tears and laughters to it’s viewers it also open the door to understand our mothers – the essence of being strict and strong-willed and to daughters to embrace the teachings that mothers’ instilled them.

There are many values one can get from the movie, for me open communication and respect is essential especially at home. BRAVE effectively showcased the beauty of emotional bond between mothers and daughters.

Disney-Pixar Production has just produced another film that would be include in the ranks of our all time favorite princesses stories.

Madonna and child.

Mother and daughter.

Queen and Princess.

Elinor and Merida.