Expect pure action from an ensemble cast of veteran actors in Hollywood.

                THE EXPENDABLES 2 is an action-packed movie with two

MTRCB Ratings, an R-13 and R-18 versions.

And for the information of everybody,

the character named Bill The Kid is Liam Hemsworth

not Chris Hemsworth (yes, they’re brothers).

Majority is confused, again it’s Liam not Chris.

The cast are as follows according to the poster above;

Sylvester Stallone is Barney Ross

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Trench

Bruce Willis is Church

Jet Li is Yin Yang

Jean-Claude Van Damme is Vilain

Jason Statham is Lee Christmas

Nan Yu is Maggie

Liam Hemsworth is Bill The Kid

Dolph Lundgren is Gunner Jensen

Chuck Norris is Booker

Terry Crews is Hale Ceasar

Randy Couture is Toll Rod

Scott Adkins is Hector

The sad part is that some Bulgarians and even citizens of Mindanao had a campaign to boycott this movie as there were millions of bats killed during their shooting in Bulgaria cave. Bulgarians claimed that it has not compensated the financial assistance received from the collateral damage it made.

You’d be the judge.