The Advance Screening of Sadako The Ring 3: Original Sequel was held at SM Cinema Marikina Branch last August 6, Wednesday at Cinema 1, 8:00PM.

The night was filled with excitement despite the heavy rain pouring outside while we we’re screaming inside the theater. Really, the last installment of this movie still has the elements of suspense & horror – a lot of it.

Akane Ayukana, a high school teacher with telekinetic power together with her future husband Takanori were fatefully drawn in the “cursed video clip” about the actual footage of Kashiwada’s suicide which was uploaded in the world wide web and anyone who sees it will likewise commit suicide.

Kashiwada intended to resurrect the devilish Sadako and her curse by searching for the perfect body she can consume.

“If you just don’t get it, then you don’t get it – you’re not the one.” The plot of the story branched out from the previous films but this time it has adapted the advanced technology of this generation. Sadako is now coming out from iPhone, LED/LCD tv, pc monitors and most of all, can be access on the internet.

This is were the horror ends. SADAKO had finally met her match – AKANE – she’s the one. Creepiness bathed the viewers that night, frightened ones’ scream while others can’t just go to the bathroom without a companion.

The Ring 3 has been improved a lot when it comes to the quality, clearness and clarity of the picture, way far behind from it’s previous releases. However, on the technical aspect I felt that it was too obvious for some scenes – it was too digital/computerized in the making (unlike the first three movies that you would feel the terror as the graphics seemed to be refined). But there were many new scenes that amazes and shocked the audience and to mention them would be a spoiler (too bad for me). Maybe because it’s not Hideo Nakata who directed the film – only half of it has been devoted to the original plot.

I like the terror it brought us, as you watched the film the horror progresses and the transition is swift that you don’t want to miss a scene. The actors were telegenic that it balances the movie’s horrifying composition. Their acting may not be that remarkable but they have the looks to be on the big screen.

I must admit, I am a massive fan of Asian horror and I like the fright it brought to viewers, the boldness and courage to take risks in making horror films to a different level.

Sadako has full of F’s. Fear, Fright, Furiband, and Frigorific.

If you want to experience an unusual thriller this week, try watching this film. Screaming is free of charge.

I’m telling you, You’re Not The One, if you miss this film.