Octoberfest is yet to come but as early August, we’ll be able to feel the electrifying music of the country’s most celebrated musical groups.  With Star Cinema’s “The Reunion” beating to the rocking rhythm of Eraserheads and the Unitel – TV5 joint venture “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” which features the hit songs of APO Hiking Society, the month of August is not just a month where two musicals will collide on the big screen but a month to celebrate Original Pinoy Music.

the reunion i do bidoo bidoo poster

The two aforementioned films will however stand up against each other in a battle of the bands set up at box office arena when The Reunion reaches its second week. The question is, which film will win the hearts of most Filipino and hook lots of ticket sales in the box office!
Will it be the barkada movie that boasts of four equally handsome boys in a figuratively back-to-the-past, head-bobbing, adventure accompanied by Eraserheads’ pop rock music? Or the “Romeo and Juliet” slash family wars musical comedy that pays tribute to APO Hiking Society?

If you’re to choose only one, will it be The Reunion or I Do Bidoo Bidoo?

If I am to choose only one, I’ll watch I Do Bidoo Bidoo. First of all, it is because I love the music of APO! Every time I hear one of their songs I feel like I’m transported back into time, back into my childhood. I wasn’t born in the year where they started their music career so please stop calculating my age. Their songs are just so nostalgic, for example I hear of “Bawat Bata”, it takes me to the time where I was playing ‘tumbang preso’ with my friends in the streets. Oh my God! If you have seen RPG Metanoia, I know you’ll surely understand how that feels. Secondly, with stars like Eugene Domingo, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Gary V and Ogie Alcacid it’s a movie event! Lastly, I’m a big fan of Chris Martinez. 🙂

The Reunion, however, is hard to miss too! Like APO Hiking Society and Eraserheads have once collaborated, so why not watch the two? And it’s been a long long while since a barkada movie was done by Star Cinema. I just hope The Reunion will be as good or even better than the late Manong Gilbert Perez’ previous Star Cinema barkada movies (Trip and Jologs)! But yeah, back to the question I just feel like I Do Bidoo Bidoo deserves my choice.