Backlogs! Backlogs! Backlogs! I haven’t posted anything for the last three days since I’ve been trying to work on changing my daily routine. I thought I needed some lifestyle change so I tried setting my body clock early to sleep hoping that I wake up early coz that’s what normal people do and all. But while typing this I thought I failed. I’m not sure if this can be called a writer’s block when I’m actually writing something right now but I just didn’t feel like reviewing the films I’ve watched recently.

It started with a movie marathon in theater when I watched two Filipino films simultaneously. I think my “nerve of excitement of writing a film review after watching a movie” stopped. I don’t know why. Maybe I needed more time for myself, to adjust my body clock, my mood and I seriously need to watch something that will really set up all that so I can finally come up with a movie review.

Oh, Shit!

Last night, I watched Perks of Being A Wallflower. I was honestly ready to review it but the watching experience at Cinema 7 VIP of Gaisano Mall Cinema was just so bad. I wanted to walk out of the theater. I’ll try to avoid spoilers but there was this scene in the film, somewhere in the middle, when Charlie said “Oh, shit!” and the screen flickered then some countdown timer appeared quickly and then the film continued with a wide angle scene of Charlie’s brother’s camaro arriving Pittsburgh or was it? I’m not even sure because it felt as though the movie skipped. I tried to collect myself though and just went on even if there was a part of me that wanted to smash the screen. Anyway, the movie was great!

It’s Hard to Miss!

The other night I also watched the most controversial indie film this year in a special screening at Cinematheque Davao. It was Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawawala. I have yet to write a review about that but maybe I could tell you something about it right now. It was elegantly told and it had one of the most creative opening credits I’ve seen so far in a Filipino movie. It also had the most emotional of all endings in recent memories. It’s subtle, poignant and bourgeoisie and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s odd to say that Ang Nawawala had no social relevance just because its story revolves around the rich but whoever said that missed the point of movies. Movies exists basically to tell stories. And Ang Nawawala’s story was elegantly told! Hipster. Period.

I Need A Push!

I was also able to catch up with the recent mainstream offerings lately. I’ve seen Regal Entertainment’s Pridyider and thought it was good. It’s honestly watchable but I was a little disappointed maybe because I expected more. I’m sorry to spoil you but Illarde took the concept so differently that he killed the unsettling mystery behind the supposed-to-be ridiculously living pridyider. I think Pridyider needed a push both literally and figuratively and so do I!

Not Enough Words, Just Follow the Law.

Before Pridyider, I was also able to watch Judge Dredd. Damn it was so awesome but I had no time reviewing it since I was busy prepping for Blog Weekend Bootcamp. Hehe

Star Cinema??

And before Judge Dredd were the two Filipino movies I’ve watched simultaneously.It was Brillante Mendoza’s Captive which I thought was beautiful but the message felt kinda outdated because we rarely hear of war in Mindanao right now and I was honestly offended by the generalization of Mindanao. I live in Davao, which is in Mindanao but there’s no war in here – in fact – life is here!

The other film was Star Cinema Skylight Films’ Amorosa: The Revenge. If you’d ask me which recent Filipino horror film I prefer  – if it’s Pridyider or Amorosa – I’ll have to go with Pridyider. Amorosa: The Revenge was watchable but lacked the ‘camp’ that Pridyider had. The tone of Amorosa: The Revenge was so serious that it needed to be taken seriously and in total the film didn’t even feel serious at all. What did I just said? O_O Well, at least I was happy to know that through Amorosa marks the return of Topel Lee’s love for the horror genre. That’s all for now! 🙂

I’ll just take my time writing reviews of the films mentioned here.