I could tell that The Mistress would really do great in the box office especially that the John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo love team has proven to be a box office tandem almost a decade since their first movie (My First Romance). However, Star Cinema’s fast paced distribution of Filipino films might affect The Mistress’ box office gross after the first two weeks of screening. I’m not complaining though because Star Cinema’s nearly every two-weeks distribution is a glimmer of hope for local filmmakers (especially to indie filmmakers) and the Philippine Cinema as well.

I don’t even want to start a box office analysis column here on my blog. But there’s this box office analyst within me saying, that if only they would slow down a bit, considering the economic shit happening all around, the senate gone wrong with Sotto’s plagiarism (LOL. That was OT – IKR!) and with proper marketing I believe the indie films they distribute would do well in the box office.

I could have sworn, The Reunion would have grossed a lot more if not for the sudden release of Amorosa: The Revenge and the same applies to Bwakaw and Captive which sounds worse because both were released on the same day. And a week later, here comes one of Star Cinema’s biggest movie offering “The Mistress” that is expected to break box office records. But don’t you think the people would go and watch another Star Cinema movie again after another? Especially amidst all blockbuster Hollywood movies and their other films still running in theaters? IMO, I think people would certainly not go unless it sounds as exciting as The Mistress. But what if it’s not an event movie like The Mistress? Just a thought.

I have a little theory though that the producers behind Brillante Mendoza’s ‘Captive’ might have inked a deal with Star Cinema. Captive is a contender for an OSCARS shot, and one requirement is to have a commercial run for at least 7 consecutive days. I’m not sure about Bwakaw.

Anyway, back to The Mistress! It’s in no doubt going to rake a lot in the box office. I’m predicting a P30 million box office gross on the films’ first day of screening. 🙂