There are reasons why I still haven’t seen The Mistress. Let me tell you some, first is because I have yet to write reviews about Amorosa: The Revenge, Captive and a lot other films from my backlogs cabinet. And that’s because of, second, I’ve been very busy in organizing and attending events in Davao City and lastly because I’m also slowly blogging about these events I’ve attended to at my personal and techblog. And (OMG!) I almost forgot that I still have an animation class to attend to every 6’oclock, at twilight. And if all others were as busy as me and they might have finally gotten the chance to watch The Mistress last weekend causing it to rapidly cross the P200-Million mark. But I have to tell you though I haven’t contributed yet to the P200-million box office gross of The Mistress. That’s because I attended the Blog Weekend Bootcamp last weekend. :-p

If I only had the time (or the ticket) to see this movie I would have watched it during it’s premiere night. But apparently, I had none. I sat alone during its opening period in the middle of fucking internet surrounded by movie buffs and reading about how good the Mistress was. I honestly felt like an outdated symbian phone in the era of Android and iPhones with all the hypes. Oops! Sorry for the odd comparison.

the mistress movie
But anyway, those hypes did really pushed the movie forward as it surfaced to the rare P200-million box office gross and what’s surprising is that was before the film could reach it’s 3rd week. In the history of Philippine Cinema, The Mistress is the 4th Filipino film to cross the P200-Million mark after You Changed My Life (P225.21 million) , No Other Woman (278.39 million) and The Unkabogable: Praybeyt Benjamin which just pass by the P200-M mark and settled with a whooping P331.61 million becoming the all-time highest-grossing Filipino movie.

And oh, no official number was revealed but we got in our hands the tweet from Star Cinema’s  ad prom director Roxy Liquigan.

“P200 million plus!!! #TheMistress”, Liquigan tweeted September 23, 2012.