The Box Office Goddesses Vice Ganda (Praybeyt Benjamin) and Toni Gonzaga (My Amnesia Girl) will team up in a self-proclaimed Box Office Filipino Comedy officially entitled “This Guy’s In Love With U Mare”. The two actors will have Luis Manzano as their leading man in an unusual love triangle of the Benefactor, the Gay Man and the Fiance.

Under the direction of the box-office director Wenn Deramas. “This Guy’s In Love With You, Mare” is about an queer (Lester, Vice Ganda) who pursues (Gemma, Toni Gonzaga) who is set to married Lester’s Ex-Boyfriend (Mike, Luis Manzao) to avenge his broken heart.

It turns out that this film isn’t going to be related to the theme song the title suggests (This Guy’s In Love With You Pare), which is about a closet gay that is friendzoned by his bestfriend. But this movie is about vengeance gone totally crazy in this odd, riotous comedy romance movie.

Star Cinema and Viva Films, the two companies that brought us the highest-grossing Pinoy movie in history—”The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin”—is once again taking the risk to have new comedy break that record in the history of Philippine Box Office.

Completing the cast are Carla Martinez, Buboy Garovillo, IC Mendoza, Manuel Chua, DJ Durano, Eagle Riggs, Tessie Tomas, Ricci Chan, Lassie Marquez, Ricky Rivero, Edgar Mortiz and Gladys Reyes.

The premise sounds interesting I’ll just pray it won’t be another so-so if not totally awful film like Praybeyt Benjamin. :-p