Viva Films may have been so disappointed last year when they had to share revenue with Star Cinema in the box office gross of No Other Woman. That’s probably why this year, a film was secretly made and here goes the big reveal  *tada!* A Secret Affair movie coming in theaters near you! But wait, I guess the feeling was mutual because Star Cinema had a Mistress movie too. You know which one duh!? And now it’s Viva’s turn to whoop around P200+Million in ticket sales with their secret affair. I guess, it’s no secret at all!

If you ask me why A Secret Affair will just be another No Other Woman movie. Here are the reasons:

a secret affair

A Secret Affair Vs No Other Woman – Fight!

Formulaic Story

After watching the trailer which debuted online last week we could say that A Secret Affair has a very promising yet so familiar storyline. I cannot say how the whole story would go or point out the difference in the story aside from the Wife and the Other Woman being friends this time, Anne Curtis switching roles from The Other Woman to the Cheated Wife and Andi Eigenmann wearing the shoes of the Other Woman, but it’s a no-brainer that the following are ‘likely’ to happen in the movie.

“Girl leaves Boy, boy feels devastated and finds comfort to another, the other takes advantage and starts a secret affair.  Girl comes back and finds out boy was cheating on her to someone she considers friend and the girl comes crying to her mom seeking for parental advice. Mom advices with all angst and metaphors of fighting back and here comes girlfriend ready to fight for the man she loves. Insinuations. Cat Fight. Confrontation. Accident. Happy Ending.”

A simple linear story that can be told in one to three sentences.

Same Template of Trailer

If not for the trailer we wouldn’t say there’s a strange similarity between the two. There’s the mention of the films’ title on their saucy script.

Examples: Anne Curtis (in A Secret Affair) – “Kahit paano mo tignan A SECRET AFFAIR can destroy any relationship.
Anne Curtis (in No Other Woman) – “But there is NO OTHER WOMAN better than I am.

Derek Ramsay (in A Secret Affair) – “Di mangyayari yun kasi mahal na mahal kita. I will never have A SECRET AFFAIR.
Derek Ramsay (in No Other Woman) – “I promise you there’s NO OTHER WOMAN in my life.

Andi Eigenmann (in A Secret Affair) – “Di sya masasaktan kung hindi nya alam. That’s why we’ll keep it A SECRET AFFAIR.
Cristine Reyes (in No Other Woman) – “I will not let NO OTHER WOMAN ruin my marriage.

There’s a narrator and after the title card is a Mother-Daughter dialogue about the other woman. O__O We know you’re intelligent enough to take note of the similarity so just take time to watch the trailers below:

Then you can add them at the comment section below! 🙂

No Other Coincidence

In No Other Woman, the Wife, Cristine Reyes has a father who cheats on her mother (Carmi Martin). Well, in A Secret Affair it was revealed in the trailer that Anne Curtis, the Wife, also has a cheating father when the mother (Jacklyn Jose) said that “Nambababae ang papa mo!“.


I know these stuff really sounds cheesy and stupid at times but they’re just so cute that I smile every time overreacting mother’s tell these to their hurt daughters and vengeful daughters to the other woman.

A Secret Affair – “Ano bang akala mo sa mga pangbababae, parang flashfloods? Na kapag tumila ang ulan ay huhupa ang baha!? Lumikas ka na habang maaga bago mag critical level. – Jacklyn Jose”
No Other Woman – “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher. Maaagawan ka! Lumaban ka. – Carmi Martin”

We’ve heard of bags, Furniture Supplier, food poisoning, death threat, stilettos, Greenhills and Quiapo! This time around prepare for flashfloods, Amazing Race, plastic, ice pick and an Early Bird Promo!

Breathtaking Locations

How boring could a Mistress’ tales be if it won’t take us into a beautiful resort or some sort. This is a breather I think because at least even with a familiar storyline we get to see things beautifully and visually different.

Re-used Actors

I would have accepted this movie with open arms, hearts and even lungs if only they cast different actors for the roles. Like seriously? Derek Ramsay as the cheater again? And Anne Curtis from the role that won her FAMAS Best Actress, The Other Woman in No Other Woman gets demoted to a boring Housewife/Fiancee/Girlfriend? C’mon.

Director Nuel Crisostomo Naval said that the new film is not just about “mistresses” but more on how infidelity challenges and changes a relationship with the intrusion of a third party, and about family and friendship. More so, they revealed that the film will mostly be about BETRAYAL. Yeah right! But aren’t betrayal and infidelity like brothers and sisters?

Theme Songs

The theme song of No Other Woman, played over its trailer is “Now That You’re Gone” by JURIS. While in A Secret Affair is a song by JURIS entitled “Don’t Say Goodbye” performed by NINA for the film. If you think switching of roles only happens between the characters in the film. Then you’re wrong! It could also happen to singers who’ll sing movies’ theme songs.


In No Other Woman nagpa party si Barney. In A Secret Affair nagpa-party si Doraemon!

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