Just when I thought the Coco Martin and Marian Rivera movie has been shelved, here comes a big announcement making rounds in the internet about it being Regal Entertainment’s Opening Salvo for 2013. Coco Martin and Marian Rivera’s upcoming film is officially entitled “Maybe This Time” and is said to be a romance drama that is expected to do big time in the box office!

I’m honestly tired of watching romance drama films that’s why this movie didn’t excite me at all. To see Coco Martin and Marian Rivera together is however tempting but I’ll still probably pass if it’s a romance drama. Why start the year so seriously right? Gosh. If it were a romantic action comedy I’ll definitely be the first person to line up in the cinema. I know both of them are really great dramatic actors but why not take this rare opportunity to give them and bill them in a fresh, action packed, romantic comedy? Give them guns. Make them kill each other. Make them fall in love. All that shit! I’m thinking of South Korea’s “Quick” and “My Girlfriend is An Agent” as inspirations. And shit, I’ll watch!

It’s a breather to see big stars from ‘rival’ networks work together and I must commend Regal Films for that. Kudos! But still it’s drama, so goodluck to your movie.

The film is also starring Snooky Serna and it marks as her return to her Mother Studio. Maybe This Time movie is directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes (Magnifico, A Love Story).

What do you think?