BOX OFFICE – I’m sure you’ve read about The Mistress movie reaching the P300-Million mark dethroning Praybeyt Benjamin as the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time. That’s actually legit but is based on SM Cinema ticket sales and may include its international screenings as well. We might actually write a blog post about that but so as to avoid confusion we’re just writing it down all here.

So what you’re actually reading right now is an update about the box office gross of The Mistress. The film which is now on it’s 4th week and still screening have grossed a total of P254,852,084 according to Box Office Mojo Philippines. Just like top grossers “No Other Woman” and “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin”, Star Cinema’s The Mistress has only topped the chart for two consecutive weeks. It never reigned for a month in the box office which would be a historical event if ever it happened.

Since 2007 no other Star Cinema film reigned the box office chart for that month. I’m not quite sure though if Feng Shui (2004) and Sukob (2006) topped the charts when they became the highest grossing films of all time respectively. Since 2007, Star Cinema films never got to top the chart for a month, the most they had was three weeks with films “Tenement 2” (2009), “A Love Story” (2007) and “One More Chance” (also in 2007).

Going back to The Mistress, I think since the film is still screened on cinemas together with Star Cinema’s This Guy’s In Love With You Mare this update for the box office gross of The Mistress isn’t the last one yet. On it’s fourth week, The Mistress settled at the 3rd spot with Taken 2 on top and Hotel Transylvania on the second.

That’s all for today’s box office report!