Director Erik Matti unleashes the world of Aswangs in a much higher perspective with his new masterpiece “TiKTiK: The Aswang Chronicles” which he called “an out and out genre movie“.

SM Megamall Cinema 9 was in SRO last Oct. 15, Monday, for the film’s premiere night as people were eager to watch the acclaimed horror movie of the year. TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles strayed away the formula that most mainstream movies have. It showed a contemporary and progressive type of filmmaking that will blow you away from time to time. Indeed this is something that will not only change the landscape of horror films and challenge other film outfits but will strengthen the hope left in you for Philippine Cinema.

The story is set in a remote town called Pulupandan where Makoy (DingDong Dantes) an anti-hero who possess a devil-may-care character goes to and wishes to reunite with his live-in partner Sonia (Lovi Poe) who was 9 months pregnant. In any minute, Sonia will deliver their first-born child and at the same time will be celebrating her birthday. But because of the what Makoy got himself into they had to fight against a barangay of aswangs risking everyone’s lives. And together with Sonia’s parents, Nestor (Joey Marquez) and Fely (Janice de Belen), house boy Bart (Ramon Bautista) & neighbors – an action packed siege saga continues!


Joey Marquez’s character “Mang Nestor” steals every scene with his wit and humor which is a comic relief with all the grim that’s lurking around. With that alone I believe Joey Marquez is gonna get a nod for a Best Supporting Actor award in the near future.

Dingdong Dantes, moreover is a stand out with his bad boy character.In fact I think he well deserves an award for that! More than what he did last year during the Metro Manila Film Festival. Janice De Belen was perfect for her mother role, no doubt. And Lovi Poe with her grace and elegant is truly the Princess of Philippine Horror Movies.

Laugh, scream, sympathize and be amazed as you watch the film – with a heart-beating pace Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles comes with great details, interesting angles, oozing cinematography, perfect cast and superb acting. That’s all I could say, this is a quick review anyway. With these, allow me to say that TiKTiK: The Aswang Chronicles is One of the Best Horror Films in the Philippines. It’s the Cabin in The Woods of the Philippines! Different. Smart. An instant classic!

Erik Matti is back and he proved to us that there’s hope for Philippine Cinema. Watch it in theaters now!



“Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is an out and out genre movie that oozes with near perfection. A severely needed milestone to the long dying Philippine Cinema.”

My Rating: Obviously, it’s a near perfect film! So I give it 4/5.