I don’t know if the theme of 24/7 in Love’s “I Love You Beki Much” episode would well translate to the people of the third gender but imho it might.  “Chenever mo ako!?” exclaims Butch (Zanjoe Marudo), a beki (Filipino gay slang for a gay man) who found out he had sex with Belle (Bea Alonzo).

Butch: Chinever mo ako noh??
Belle: Chinever mo din ako!
Butch: Ang baboy mo!
Belle: Chinever natin ang isa’t isa!

But how would someone in Butch’s situation react to what just happened? And what if he finds out that his girl best-friend, Belle, is deeply in love with him. Would he choose to stand to his orientation and break Belle’s heart or consider the confusion as way to straighten up and let himself fall under the ‘gender-bending’ magic of love? Char.

Now that’s a short I want to see. Unfortunately though I learned that the story arc of 24/7 In Love, which is the one with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, would simply ask OTHER characters to answer the question “What would you do if it was the end of the world?”. Bummer. That means, what I initially thought as an apocalyptic romance anthology is not what it is. The movie “24/7 In Love” is basically just one of Star Cinema’s romcoms with 7 different stories in 1 that starts with a hypothetical question at the expense of winning lame VIP tickets to a  concert of some teenagers’ crush.

But since the movie is a romance anthology I’m sure and I hope some of its episode would be strong enough to save the film. Aside from “I Love You Beki Much”, I find the “Piolo-Xyriel-Zaijan” love triangle intriguing but that’s another story!

The movie is directed by Mae Cruz, Dado Lumibao, John D Lazatin, and Frasco Mortiz and showing on November 21.

Zanjoe: Chinever mo ako noh?? Bea: Chinever mo din ako! Zanjoe: Ang baboy mo! Bea: Chinever natin ang isa’t isa!!