Layeta Bucoy’s “WALANG KUKURAP” is an exposition of the malignant disease of our country, the corruption that leads to other social illness that everyone suffers the so called “plague of social jabberin (George Santaya).

“Walang Kukurap” is a vibrantly new and highly research-based contemporary play which blurs the lines between art and life/fiction and reality as it vivisects the darkest part of filipino soul. Holding no punches, it pounds away in search of answers, attacking the essence of corruption on a multiple levels from the blatant maneuvers of our country’s politicians to the subtle compromising acts each of us often choose to take on a daily basis. It challenges us, philosophically, morally, and emotionally. It asks us not to just point our fingers at the monsters outside but also stare honestly in the mirror at ourselves in our homes.

“Walang Kukurap” is directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio said that “that the challenge for me as director lies in making the town a character itself, a town akin to Jose Rizal’s San Diego – a microcosm of Philippine society, a small unit embodies the different forms of corruption prevalent in the whole archipelago.”


I was fortunate enough to catch the last performance of this play at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute last night and mind you I was sitting two seats apart form the honorary man in Philippine Literature Sir Bienvinido (whew!!!) anyway, going back to “Walang Kukurap” the cast were so amazingly gifted on their performances. They solidified the play according to it’s intention. The intensity of their acting in every act is noteworthy, really. I would rather say exponentially outstanding.

at Cristina’s house
PAPANG (Cristina’s father) begs Cristina to stop running for vice-mayor as the deed is turning her into a monster. Cristina argues that she is doing this to get money inorder to cure his tumor, pay-off’s Mirra’s law school and Aling Panchang’s monthly 50,000 demand. desperate to save his daughter, Papang’s kills himself infront of Cristina. (Regina De Vera)

This is my favorite scene, I got teary-eyes on this act. Papang is played by Mr. Lou Veloso and Cristina is Suzette Ranillo.

I have listed the complete cast for “Walang Kukurap”;                                                                                      Suzette Ranillo & Sharmaine Suarez – Cristina

Sherry Lara – Purita

Mymy Davao – Melba

Pewee O’ Hara – Panchang

Jonathan Tadion – Lu

Lou Veloso & Paulo Cabanero – Papang/Paquito

Crispin Medina – Molong

Marco Vianna – – Marky

Ralph Mateo – Mateo

Regina De Vera – Rhoda

Nicolo Magno – Santiago Jr.

Remus Villanueva – Vic

April Joy Inigo – August

Doray Dayao – Doray

Ding Navasero & Nonoy Froilan – Santiago Sr.

Ced Torrecarion – Alex

Nar Cabico & Jovanni Cadag – Gutierez/Pong

Delphine Buencamino – Mirra

June Francis Domingo – Bodyguard/Photographer/Waiter

“Walang Kukurap” is another pride of Tanghalang Pilipino.

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