When four roads crossed in one film all journeys might stop at a breakdown. Everyone deserves a friggin break after all and from the plot of the Cinema Originals 2012 entry ‘Aberya’ we’ll have a twisted little breakdown involving four anti-hero characters. Directed by Christian Linaban, Aberya is set in Cebu City where a Fil-Am boxer is in search for a Filipina wife; a prostitute from Manila is on a mission; a local drug dealer has discovered a way to travel through time; and a nurse from Davao becomes an accidental p0rnstar.


Plot: Lourd is an American boxer with a Rags-to-Riches story. His Filipino parentage has made him a household name in this country. When he comes to the Cebu, he takes advantage of the celebrity status to go on a hedonistic binge. Angel is a professional escort with a very distinguished clientele. She cannot afford to open her heart to anyone for obvious reasons. But is her heart the only thing she’s hiding? Mike is a budding drug dealer with a penchant for psychedelics. Living in the fringes of society, he finds a way to make a drug cocktail that will take him to the future – far away from memories of a girl that came in the way of his experiments.Eden is a nurse with an online sex scandal. Her notoriety makes her an easy target for harassment and prejudice, putting her plans of going abroad at a standstill. As her life crumbles around her, she becomes desperate for any sort of life line.

All of these characters meet in the seemingly quiet Queen City of the South and when they do, chaos ensues.

This film recently won Cinemaone Originals 2012 Best Sound and Best Supporting Actor for Nicholas Varela.The movie is starring Will Devaughn, Mercedes Cabral, Nicholas Varela and Iwa Moto.

Here’s the trailer!

Aberya promises to be kaleidoscopic journey with mists of swirling egos, pheromones and psychedelics.