grave20bandits20postertExperience a different horror movie this holiday season as one of the New Wave entries of the 38 MMFF offers to public, Grave Bandits. Movie enthusiasts, film buffs, zombie characters fanatics, and horror fans must watch this untypical zombie story that will trigger your adrenalin to a premium rush – this is Tyrone Acierto’s Grave Bandits.

A story about friendship of two young boys, Pewee, 12 and Romy, 16 whose unusual business is graveyard robbery. “Tabi-tabi po! Mawalang galang na sa mga patay,” but when the cemetery caretaker discovered their monkey-business, an escapades  begun, worst landed a wrong place to hide. This is the misadventures of Romy and Pewee in the lost indigenous tribe of Maiya and in the island of zombies.

How to counter-attack these living dead? That’s for you to find out.DSC_0102

Basically, the plot is original and very Filipino in its’ purest sense. The tension is incremental as the fast flow of storytelling is presented. The never-ending chase will take your breath away and at times will tempt you to jump from your seat. The main characters comic approach in every scene is refreshing and for sure will make your day complete.

Grave Bandits redefines the horror genre particularly zombie-related plot.



Grave Bandits foretells a new treatment of zombie characters.

Grave Bandits justifies its’ title and showcased the elements of horror and comedy into one.

Terrifying. Thrilling. Grave Bandits.

Comic. Classic. Grave Bandits.

Scream. Shout. Grave Bandits.

Watch it or else?




Grave Bandits now showing in Glorieta Cinemas from Dec. 18 – 24. Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang MMFF Ne Wave!