A teaser trailer of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo’s third movie entitled ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman‘ first debuted in selected theaters last Christmas together with ‘A Moment in Time‘, in front of Star Cinema entries ‘Sisterakas’, ‘One More Try’ and the Star Cinema distributed indie film ‘The Strangers’.

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The teaser was around 30 seconds to one minute and starts off by retelling the romance of Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas highlighting the Rain Dance end scene in A Very Special Love and the ‘Power Hug’ scene of You Changed My Life. Then the  teaser introduces the new Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas who are on the phone excited to meet each other.

Much to everybody’s disappointment, it turns out Laida and Miggy weren’t talking to each other. And it brings us back to where ‘You Changed My Life’ ended. And just when you thought they actually had a happy ending we realize it was just the start of a whole new chapter.

Cathy Garcia Molina breathes new life to our beloved tandem and changes them for the better. We are now presented a Little Miss Sunshine fresh from Canada, a very energetic and a more confident Laida Magtalas. ‘Miguel’, on the other hand, still has that businessman aura but this time with a woman wrapping herself around Miggy’s arm.

Then the two crosses paths like nothing happened with Laida talking ‘funny english’ on the phone. And the funny part is she was not really talking to anyone on the phone. The phone rang while she was talking!

Their a very special love changed our lives.  But will their love spark once again? What will it take a man and a woman to recover a long lost love? A love that sees no measure of time.

The teaser didn’t reveal the release date of It Takes A Man and A Woman movie but it’s definitely going to be next year. If finished earlier, this Cathy Garcia Molina film might just become Star Cinema’s opening salvo for 2013. AshLloyd fans please share! 🙂

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